Clinical Trial Data Analysis Engagement Helped a Leading Global Pharma Company to Determine Chance of Disease Relapse – A Quantzig’s Success Story

Aug 23, 2019

The client is a leading global pharma company who had conducted clinical trials in partnership with more than 10 different hospitals for patients suffering from melanoma. They approached Quantzig to leverage its clinical trials data analysis expertise to compare the two treatment groups for disease-free interval and survival using advanced statistical analysis techniques.

For companies in the pharmaceutical industry, it is difficult to analyze the vast amounts of raw, unstructured patient data. Clinical trial data analysis requires tested statistical methods that have to be specified with the regulatory authorities before the trial even begins. With nearly 80% of clinical trials failing to meet enrollment timelines, pharmaceutical companies need a more efficient approach to improve their data analysis capability. This is where data analytics tools can help. Clinical trial data analysis done using data analytics tools can help pharmaceutical companies to understand the epidemiology landscape and develop an effective enrollment forecast. This can further help in understanding and analyzing the accuracy of patient data and provide a complete view of the patient journey.

Business Challenge

The client, a global pharma company, conducted clinical trials for patients who were operated and were on medication therapy A or B for more than 2 years. Throughout the trial, the patient’s status, laboratory parameters, vital signs, skin examinations, and other parameters were constantly monitored and tracked to achieve the following goals:

  • Identify the recurrence rate of the disease
  • Analyze factors impacting survival rate[spacer height=”20px”]

Despite employing quality control measures to analyze the completeness and accuracy of patient data,  the pharma client was not satisfied with the outcomes.. They wanted to compare the two treatment groups for disease-free interval and survival using clinical trial data analysis techniques, for which they approached Quantzig.

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s analytics experts adopted a comprehensive approach comprising three phases to help the client tackle their core business challenges. The first phase revolved around understanding the business scope and objective of the analysis through multiple discussions with the client. During the second phase of the clinical trial data analysis engagement, our experts collected and integrated disparate sets of patient data and created basic data quality reports based on an in-depth clinical trial data analysis. The third and the final phase of this engagement revolved around designing parametric hazard models, and life tables to analyze survival rate and the recurrence rate of the disease in different groups. Also, they conducted a survival analysis for each treatment group and compared the survival curve with the log test rank.

Quantzig’s analytics solutions help pharma companies to access all their trial data in real-time via an intuitive, role-based dashboard that helped them to visualize performance metrics. Request a Free demo to know more.

The solution offered helped the client to gain valuable insights into adverse events, patient characteristics, and segments level. Also, the client was able to improve their patient data quality check mechanism by highlighting current inefficiencies in the data entry process.

Quantzig’s clinical trial data analysis engagement helped the client to:

  • Reduce the risk of multiple surgeries
  • Predict the optimal therapy line as well as medication-based on model results
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the prescribed medication

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