Competitive Pricing Analysis for a Food and Beverage Company – A Case Study on How we Helped a Client to Drive Sales by 13%

Sep 13, 2019

The client is a leading food and beverage industry player based out of the Netherlands. The F&B manufacturing company wanted to leverage competitive pricing analysis to analyze the pricing strategies adopted by its competitors and deploy suitable pricing analytics models to tackle the pricing challenges currently faced by them.

The Business Challenge

The ever-changing business landscape, growing competition, and changing customer preferences were among the core challenges facing the food and beverage company. To tackle such challenges the client wanted to redesign their competitive pricing strategy and revenue management capability. They approached Quantzig to leverage its competitive pricing analysis solutions to develop and implement a robust pricing strategy to bolster the value and impact of product pricing. Despite being one among the top companies in different product categories, the food and beverage manufacturer was known for making price changes based on market dynamics and price shifts. Using such an approach to price products gave rise to a turbulent pricing structure across products and channels, due to which they failed to unlock the true value of their offerings.

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Although the company had deployed sophisticated pricing analytics models, it lacked the analytics capabilities and holistic competitive pricing analysis framework to analyze those data sets. Also, it’s crucial to note that most of their pricing challenges stemmed from their segmented operational structure, which meant that business units often made pricing decisions independently, sometimes resulting in cannibalization within the portfolio. The company not only looked to solve its pricing challenges but also to achieve a pricing advantage by leveraging competitive pricing analysis to better manage the price of its offerings.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s competitive pricing analysis experts adopted a comprehensive three-pronged approach to help the client develop a strategic competitive pricing framework and integrate technology and processes to implement the framework across the enterprise. 

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Phase 1

During the first phase of this pricing analytics engagement our analytics experts focused on developing a demand model capable of predicting volume changes across the category.

Phase 2

In the second phase, our competitive pricing analysis experts focused on analyzing the demand for the competitor’s offerings to determine price sensitivity and the impact of price shifts. These findings were then fed into a pricing analytics model to determine the right pricing actions for the company.

Phase 3

The third phase of this competitive pricing analysis engagement we focused on developing a pricing analytics framework. The devised framework helped them improve profitability and increase overall sales volume by 13%.

Competitive Pricing Analysis Engagement Outcome

The devised pricing analytics framework delivered several benefits including an increase in annual revenue and a profit of 13%. Though the average product pricing strategy was revamped the average product price for various categories remained unaltered. Moreover, the new competitive pricing analysis based approach helped the client to assess the price points for each product category based on its price elasticity and the price shift, which in turn, propelled top and bottom-line improvements.

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