Quantzig’s Digital Analytics Solution Boosts Website Performance and Conversions for a Leading Retail Partner

Mar 29, 2022

Summary of the Digital Analytics Case Study

ClientA leading retail organization based out of US
Business ChallengeTo reduce customer churn and increase engagement
Business Impact of SolutionReduced customer churn, better understanding of customer sentiments, and optimized website performance

Automated Data Integration in the e-commerce industry facilitates the synchronization of vast amounts of data to derive meaningful insights. It not only boosts the efficiency of the overall system by simplifying and streamlining the repetitive manual tasks but also helps in improving the accuracy and quality of data. 

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As the retail industry evolves, retailers need to transform themselves and develop newer business models to keep ahead of their competition. It is imperative for retail organizations to thoroughly understand customer sentiments to meet their complex and highly individualized needs. This is where digital analytics solution steps in; it enables organizations to understand customer behavior, assess their requirements, keep up with new market trends, and optimize their online performance and conversions.

An American multinational retail corporation partnered with Quantzig to better understand the needs and expectations of their customers and identify potential improvements to boost their website performance and drive conversions.

The Challenge

Despite the company growing across different retail segments, many of their customers were leaving the brand over time due to negative brand image, environmental issues, rigorous competition, government regulations in non-US markets, and cultural gaps. This posed a significant challenge to the retail organization. Thus, our retail partner must take aggressive action based on actionable customer data to augment revenues, gain market share, increase profitability, and effectively manage capital investment over the next decade. 

Our partner wanted to make use of AI-powered digital analytics solutions to pinpoint the reason for customer churn, understand customer sentiments, optimize website performance, and increase conversions.

Our Approach

First, we gathered and cleaned up unstructured data flowing into the retail partner’s organization. Then we analyzed this data to understand customer sentiments and needs and monitor competition activity. The insights obtained from this analysis enabled the retail organization to revamp their digital marketing strategies to increase website traffic, optimize their value proposition, and drive conversions.

Our digital analytics solutions enabled our partner to implement better, quicker, and more impactful changes in their day-to-day online activities and deliver improved performance.

The Impact

digital analytics solutions

Our data-driven insights helped the retail partner anticipate changes in web traffic patterns, understand customer sentiments, use customer feedback to optimize their value proposition, and enhance customer experience,  all while increasing their MROI and conversions.

The Way Forward

Our digital analytics solution enabled our partner to look at data differently and improve their floor-level and web-based sales. It also helped them create a robust marketing strategy and increase their MROI.

As a part of their five-year growth plan, our partner will use digital analytics to smoothen cultural gaps in their retail value chain, improve customer engagement, sort environmental concerns, improve their brand image, and drive revenues.

Understand customer sentiments, meet customer demands, and address gaps in your value offerings with digital analytics. To leverage our solution, request a free dashboard demo today!

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