Digital Analytics Solutions Helps a Renowned Player in the e-Retail Industry to Improve Their Online Presence and Increase Engagements

Mar 7, 2018

What You’ll Find in This Case Study:

  • Industry Overview
  • About the Client
  • Digital Analytics Solutions Faced by the Client
  • Solution Benefit and Business Impact
  • Digital Analytics Solutions Predictive Analytics

Industry Overview

The global retail sector is witnessing expansion and consolidation due to the rising shift of the consumers toward e-commerce platforms. Prominent players in the e retail space are planning to invest extensively in research and development to meet the rising demands of the consumers. Moreover, the relentless growth in the competition is compelling organizations to offer products that attract the customers and improve engagements. The convenience and agility offered by the e-retail platforms are driving the growth of such platforms. Although the e retail space is witnessing the entry of numerous players, several additional factors may curtail the growth of the industry. They include:

  • Retaining Customers: With the presence of numerous offshore competitors, companies in the e retail space have started offering a considerable number of choices to the customers. The customers of today are more demanding and fussy and are looking for products that meet their quality and cost expectations. Therefore, it becomes essential for organizations to maintain consistency in their product offerings.

  • The Relentless Growth of Technology: Today, technology is growing at a rapid pace, and consumers, on the other hand, are becoming more informed about the advent of newer technologies. Therefore, to stay relevant in the market space, it becomes essential for businesses to invest heavily in research and development to restructure their technical capabilities.

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To address such challenges and analyze the buying behavior of the consumers, businesses are focusing on adopting digital analytics solutions. Digital analytics helps businesses collect, measure, analyze, and interpret digital data based on the user’s behavior. Digital analytics also helps businesses optimize their customer experience and improve overall business performance.

The Client

A renowned retailer in the e-retail space.

Digital Analytics Solutions Faced by the Client

According to a recent study, e-commerce sales are expected to account for one-tenth of total retail sales worldwide.

The client, a renowned player in the e retail industry, wanted to understand customers’ behavior and anticipate their response during purchases to improve conversions. With the help of Infiniti’s digital analytics solution, the client wanted to understand how well the business is performing and improve their overall ROI. Moreover, the retail client wanted to efficiently measure the business metrics in terms of traffic, leads, and sales and its influence on customer conversion. The e-retail client also wanted to understand the effectiveness of their marketing on the website performance.

QZ- digital analytics

The Solution Benefit and the Business Impact

Strategies we recommend to enhance the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns on the overall business performance.

The digital analytics solution offered by Quantzig helped the client understand how their marketing initiatives, such as social media, blogging, and email marketing, are performing. By assessing the true ROI, the e-retail client was able to diagnose deficiencies in specific channels and their marketing mix and adequately make adjustments to improve their overall marketing performance. In addition, the engagement also helped the client develop improvement opportunities and create actionable recommendations.

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Digital Analytics Solutions Predictive Insights

The digital analytics solution offered by Quantzig helped the e retail firm measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities and implement effective ways to meet their business objectives. The engagement also helped the client restructure their marketing campaigns and improve the performance of the website. The e-retail client further gained insights into the impact of marketing campaigns on sales performance.

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