Patient Engagement Analysis Assists a Health Care Services Provider Enhance their Patient Monitoring Process

Nov 8, 2017

In today’s disruptive healthcare environment, organizations in the healthcare industry are shifting toward a value-based model by delivering the most affordable healthcare to patients. Additionally, with the increasing patient awareness, renowned players in the health care services space are looking out for solutions to go on par with the consumer’s preferences. To deliver cost-effective medical assistance while promising quality, leading service providers in the health care services space are facing the need for patient engagement analysis. With the help of patient engagement analysis, health care services providers can gain real-time insights on the patients and ultimately improve the healthcare experience. Moreover, in the health care services space, devising a patient engagement analysis study helps the patient effectively connect with their physicians and can gain easier access to health records

To help manage chronic disease and improve the quality of health care services, renowned health care services providers are approaching companies like Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of services, Quantzig’s patient engagement analysis solution helps manage patients and assess their needs and wants accordingly.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned health care services provider with a considerable number of service offerings spread across the globe was facing predicaments gaining insights pertaining to disease management. The client wanted to seek ways to effectively build support systems and create feedback loops. With the help of patient engagement analysis, the client wanted to improve health delivery and patient satisfaction levels. The primary focus of the engagement was to define the role of the patient in terms of the health behavior and the interaction with the health care system.

patient engagement

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Benefits of the Patient Engagement Analysis for Health Care Services

With the help of the patient engagement analysis solution offered by Quantzig, the client was able to improve the overall health outcome and increase patient engagement. Also, devising patient engagement analysis helped the client better understand the health conditions and proactively make better-informed decisions. Moreover, with the help of our solution, the client was able to improve the process of care and ultimately patient satisfaction.

Predictive Insights for the Health Care Services Client

  • Educated patients about their responsibility and improved quality and safety
  • Enhanced financial and operations efficiency
  • Effectively managed patient health data and communicated with physicians
  • Maintained robust health records and improved the overall patient experience
  • Leveraged tools and technology to provide improved health results
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