Leveraging Sales Force Effectiveness to Develop a Winning Sales Culture

Sep 20, 2017

In today’s complex business environment, companies are highly dependent on sales force effectiveness analysis to address the dynamic needs of the health care end-users. In the health care services sector, sales force effectiveness helps leading businesses to quantify their marketing efforts to optimize sales performance. Through a robust sales force effectiveness study, health care providers can improve their marketing strategies and identify trends and areas of business opportunities. Furthermore, the health care services industry players can leverage the use of sales force effectiveness to redirect their sales forces’ efforts towards the right target audience.

With years of expertise in offering a plethora of services, Quantzig’s sales force effectiveness solutions help the client shift toward a customer-focused strategy to deliver value creation, differentiation, and superior customer experience. Quantzig’s solutions offer performance-focused and accountable sales force insights that help build an effective value proposition.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned health care services provider with a considerable number of hospital branches spread across the globe wanted to revamp the existing sales force architecture to retain its foothold in the market. The client further wanted to decentralize their sales structure to improve communication and sell their products in an agile and seamless manner. The client was also facing challenges in terms of the selling opportunity and lack of a proper selling approach. The client also wanted to devise an effective sales strategy to optimize the sales process by leveraging the tools, processes, and certification in the health care services landscape. Furthermore, the client also wanted to quantify their marketing efforts to create optimized sales effort.

The primary aim of the engagement was to devise a highly motivated, performance-based and accountable sales force to improve the business results.

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

With the help of this sales force effectiveness engagement, the client was able to measure and forecast future sales trends across various geographical regions. The engagement further helped the client identify the latest industry dynamics, market trends, and devise an effective sales strategy in the health care services space. Optimizing the existing sales force architecture further helped the client identify the prevailing gaps in the sales strategy and effectively bridge the gaps to capture potential growth opportunities.

Sales force Effectiveness Predictive Insights:

  • Devise a customer-focused strategy based on value creation, differentiation, and superior customer experience
  • Effectively respond to pressures from the customers and the competitors
  • Optimize the sales process to maximize sales performance and customer value
  • Develop sales force competencies based on the current market trends
  • Improve hiring, retention, and motivate the sales talent
  • Measure and benchmark the effectiveness of the selling organization

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