Quantzig’s Transport Network Optimization Assists a Prominent Health Care Services Provider

Dec 29, 2017

The client: Health care services provider

Area of engagement: Transport network optimization

In the recent years, the healthcare sector has been facing revenue pressures and declining margins owing to infrastructure upgrades and technology advances. As the spending on health care is outpacing all other expenses, consumers in the healthcare sector are looking for affordability to manage their overall expenses. To meet the demand from the target audiences, healthcare stakeholders are necessitating the need for cost reduction measures, such as alternative staffing models, to curtail their administrative and supply costs. Although the healthcare sector is witnessing a promising growth due to the increase in the geriatric population, the market is expected to showcase certain drawbacks including:

  • Increasing costs: In the last decade, the spending on healthcare has seen a considerable growth from 2.4 percent in 2015 to 7.5 percent in 2020. To meet the rising demand for quality healthcare, organizations are facing pressure to implement cost-containment measures as a part of their service offerings. Moreover, governments across the globe are imposing stringent regulations to offer reliability in healthcare services to better manage population health and curb the rising costs of health and wellness.

  • Innovations: The current years have seen remarkable growth in the innovations with advances in the treatment patterns in terms of robotic surgery, 3D printing, and implantable devices to target prevention, monitoring, and treatment of health concerns. With the relentless demand for innovations in healthcare, organizations are facing pressures to invest highly in R&D and curtail additional costs.

To address these challenges and offer the seamless movement of healthcare products to the target audiences, healthcare providers are in need of a transport network optimization solution. Contact us for more industry insights.

The Business Challenge

A renowned health care services provider with a considerable number of service offerings spread globally wanted to determine the most efficient means of offerings health care services to the hospitals. The client wanted to maintain the desired service level to meet the operational constraints and minimize the cost of inbound and outbound shipments. With the help of transport network optimization solution, the client wanted to refine their existing supply chain model and incorporate alternative transportation options to meet the cost and time variables. The primary concern for the client was to reduce the operational inefficiencies in the transportation space.

QZ- transport network

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Transport Network Optimization Solution Benefits

The transport network optimization solution offered by Quantzig sought ways for the health care services provider to address capacity constraints, lower their carbon footprints, and streamline the transportation movements. The engagement assisted the client to determine the efficient means of delivering products while ensuring accuracy and visibility into the supply chain process. The engagement further focused on improving the time-to-market for the services rendered and gain better returns on investment.

Transport Network Optimization Predictive Insights

The solution offered by Quantizg focused on reducing the cost of the distribution of the services to the end-user segments in the healthcare industry. The engagement further helped the client uncover inefficiencies in the existing supply chain and improve the supply chain performance. In addition, the transport network optimization engagement assisted the health care services provider to fulfill the end-user demands by refining their supply chain activities and allocating fixed and variable costs for the services rendered.

The Future

The future of health care services will be marked by innovations with the help of connected devices such as IoT and big data analytics. Organizations will be able to adapt and innovate technology to create new frontiers in the healthcare value chain in terms of R&D, operations, and strategy.

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