Patient Engagement for a Renowned Health Services Firm Helps Improve the Quality of Healthcare

Nov 30, 2017

At present, the healthcare industry is shifting toward a patient-centric business model to improve outcomes and experiences of care. Furthermore, with the growing concerns pertaining to the availability of quality health services and the entry of new market players, healthcare companies have been compelled to deliver the best health services and cut down on the costs associated with such services. Despite the uneven international economic growth and implementation of stringent regulatory norms, the market is witnessing an increase in the number of business opportunities. Therefore, it becomes imperative for healthcare companies to understand the needs of the patients and establish a better relationship with them. In the quest to better establish their presence in the market space, renowned healthcare companies have started looking out for robust patient engagement solutions.

To offer reliable health services and establish their brand presence in the market space, leading healthcare companies are approaching renowned solution providers such as Quantzig. With expertise in offering a plethora of solutions, Quantzig’s patient engagement solutions offer healthcare companies the scope to improve the quality of care and enhance customer satisfaction levels.

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The Business Challenge

A leading health services firm was facing certain predicaments improving the quality of health care and enhancing the accessibility to health services for all. The client wanted to develop a new service portfolio and stay relevant in the competitive landscape. Moreover, with the help of the patient engagement solution, the healthcare firm wanted to focus on delivering outcomes that matter to the patient. The primary concern of the client was to reduce the costs associated with healthcare and increase patient engagement rates.

QZ- patient engagement

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The Benefits of the Patient Engagement Solution

With the help of Quantzig’s patient engagement solution, the client was able to better engage with their customers and offer products and services that the end-users are looking for. Moreover, the engagement offered by Quantzig also helped the health services firm strike a balance between the resources and the rising need for health services. The engagement also focused on reducing the length of hospitalization and efficiently overcome poor clinical outcomes.

Additional Benefits for the Health Services Client:

  • Analyzed and retrieved data on patient health records and improved the engagement of patients with healthcare companies
  • Offered insights to predict the patient’s emotional status and leverage the data gathered to improve the services being offered
  • Enhanced financial and operational efficiency by 15%

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