Case Study: Implementing a Closed Loop Marketing System in the Healthcare Industry

Jun 29, 2018

Overview of the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is booming at an accelerating rate. This has necessitated the need to manage patient care by adopting innovative solutions. The rise in customer needs has increased the adoption of newer technologies in the industry. One such trend in the healthcare sector is the implementation of analytics-based solutions. Analytics has transformed many industries globally. It not only acts as a tool to cut down costs and enhance customer experience but also helps drive business growth.

Though a major part of the analytics is not fully utilized due to various limitations, it is definitely the future and worth investing in. Therefore, it is essential to invest in the future and leverage healthcare analytics to be a part of the evolving healthcare industry by seeking an experienced company such as Quantzig to assist you.

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Healthcare Industry Challenges

  • Technical advancements in the healthcare sector: With the proliferation of new and advanced healthcare technologies such as wearables, players in the healthcare sector are increasingly being challenged to devise new ways to engage customers and drive value.
  • Increased Data Demands: Enhancing customer experience is the key to improving profit margins. To do so and overcome data-driven challenges, businesses in the healthcare sector are looking at implementing healthcare analytics to analyze near real-time data.

About the Client

A prominent healthcare sector firm.

Client’s Challenge

To increase the transparency of sales and marketing spend, the client – a leading healthcare client – approached Quantzig. The client wanted to leverage Quantzig’s vast experience in healthcare analytics to their benefit and devise effective closed-loop marketing strategies to increase sales and lead generation.

Business Impact

The closed-loop marketing strategy enabled the client to identify and close the loop between marketing behavior, sales success, and customer behavior. The solutions offered by the analytics experts at Quantzig also assisted the client to increase conversion rates, reduce costs, improve customer knowledge, collaborate more effectively with sales teams, and visualize the closed-loop marketing outcome.

Closed Loop Marketing Solution Insights

Closed-loop marketing is gaining massive adoption among healthcare companies. Arguably, it is the most effective tool that helps healthcare providers to optimize and devise key strategies. However, for a closed-loop marketing strategy to succeed, healthcare sector players need to focus more on the marketing loop. Also, the reliable flow of information between the sales and marketing groups and the alignment between the digital and business processes plays a major role in determining the success of a closed-loop marketing strategy.

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