Leveraging Real World Evidence Analytics to Aid a Leading Home Health Care Services Provider in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Their Services

May 17, 2018

Client: A home health care services provider

Area of engagement: real world evidence analytics

In a world that is growing increasingly independent, the healthcare industry alone remains rooted in a professionally controlled and centralized setting. However, the paradigm shift in consumer demands to avail quality services from the comforts of their home is necessitating the decentralization of services offered by the healthcare industry firms to ensure convenience and care to patients. This has resulted in the demand for home health care services.

The home health care services market is expected to witness accelerated growth in the next few years. A home health care services provider may be a healthcare organization or an individual that specializes in offering several health care services to patients in the comfort of their home. Also, these services are gaining popularity for the treatment of minor injuries and illnesses as it is not very expensive and is proven to be as effective as hospital-based medical care.

The Business Challenge

The client, a well-known home health care services provider, was dissatisfied with the responsiveness of the health care services offered to their patients. The client was also disappointed in the fragmented model of service delivery. Therefore, the home health care services provider was looking at leveraging the use of real world evidence to establish service improvements by setting up devolved multi-disciplinary teams.

Additionally, the client also wanted to use the information gleaned from real world evidence to identify the right target audience and build a relationship strategy, which subsequently helps them make the right business decisions.

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The Solution and the Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s real-world evidence analytics, the home health care services provider was able to overcome a majority of the challenges that they faced. Our solution also enabled the client to improve the quality of services offered by them. Real-world evidence also helped the home health care services client in identifying patient subgroups that may benefit more from the treatment, and it even assisted them in developing tools for patient education.

Real World Evidence Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s real-world evidence analytics help firms in the healthcare industry in identifying the right target audience and offer personalized services to cater to their needs. Also, real-world evidence analytics acts as a critical tool for players in the healthcare industry as it helps them to achieve the primary objective of patient-centric healthcare. Furthermore, it also plays a key role in improving patient outcomes and improving the time-to-market of drugs and medical devices.

Healthcare industry trends

  • Leveraging the use of data to enhance performance- The ability to use patient information to determine patient readmission rates acts as a key factor in determining an organization’s performance.
  • The popularity of telehealth services- Telehealth services enable patients to receive quality medical attention without leaving the comfort of their homes. It also facilitates the exchange of patient information in real-time, thereby facilitating the delivery of care and reducing health care costs.
  • Retail revolution- The integration of retail and health care is a major trend in the healthcare industry. Also, with home health care services, it becomes easier for the elderly population to avail of health care services. However, it is quite evident that the home health care services segment has a larger base of potential clients.

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