Developing an Effective Salesforce Dashboard for a Health Care Services Provider

Jun 27, 2018

Overview of the Healthcare Services Industry

With outcomes, quality of service, and value becoming the watchwords for leading healthcare services providers, stakeholders in this sector are increasingly focusing on implementing profitable and state-of-the-art techniques to deliver patient-centric services. Additionally, the health care services sector has been facing several challenges owing to declining margins and revenue pressures. Such factors are anticipated to persist in the coming years due to infrastructure upgrades, the rise in demand, and technological and therapeutic developments.

However, a successful transition to value-based health care services requires the market players to look beyond transaction-based treatments and focus on providing holistic services. Implementing innovative healthcare models based on analytics and data help health care services players to leverage the efficiency of services- Quantzig’s salesforce analytics is one such solution that aims to change the way health care firms deliver care.

Healthcare Services Industry Challenges

  • Implementing Data Analytics: Implementing big data helps gain meaningful insights into real-world data to enhance patient outcomes. However, health care services providers face several challenges in establishing a secure database for collecting and analyzing healthcare data.
  • Overall Consumer Health: Health care services firms are now focusing on the consumer’s overall health by emphasizing on value-based care. This requires them to gain a detailed understanding of the unique heal care services and needs of various population segments.

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About the Client

A prominent healthcare services provider.

Client’s Challenge

To identify the performance indicators and key metrics of organizational growth, the client — a leading healthcare services provider — approached Quantzig. The client wanted to leverage Quantzig’s vast experience in salesforce analytics to their benefit and gain actionable insights to enhance the efficiency of their services by developing a robust salesforce dashboard and closely monitor sales force effectiveness in the health care services segment.

Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solution, the client was able to implement a salesforce dashboard to aggregate patient data from several sources across the organization. This assisted them to curate health care data and identify key performance metrics.

By devising an effective salesforce dashboard, the client was able to gain a panoramic view of customer demands across various segments. The salesforce dashboard also helped the client to revolutionize patient care by enhancing the visibility of valuable real-time data and turning it into meaningful insights and enhancing the development process to introduce new products to the market at a faster pace.

Salesforce Analytics Solution Insights

Analytics-based platforms are gaining extensive applicability in a number of industry domains and are poised to witness widespread adoption in the coming years. Also, with the innumerable challenges that have unfolded in today’s rapidly changing healthcare services market, salesforce dashboards act as a key performance indicator that reports past performance while offering detailed real-time insights to help improve the efficiency of services.

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