Healthcare Company Gains Visibility into Project Success Determinants by Longitudinal Analysis of Small Molecule Drug Projects

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

A longitudinal review of small molecules drug projects. A leading healthcare company’s safety division wanted to conduct a comprehensive longitudinal review of small molecules drug projects.


Identifying technical determinants of project success and pipeline quality

The client’s objective was to determine the most important technical determinants of project success and pipeline quality.

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Phase based active versus close analysis

For analysis, drug development was divided in to four phases: preclinical, Phase I, Phase II-a, and Phase II-b. For each of these phases, projects were classified as ‘active’, ‘closed’, or ‘successful’. We compared the success rates for our projects to pharmaceutical industry benchmarks through root cause analysis for top factors impacting the targets, safety margins and pharmacology risks.


Extensive visibility on the various project success determinants

The client achieved extensive visibility on the various determinants responsible for project success. We also provided phase-wise success and failure factors to the client which helped them create an action plan for greater success. This also helped them in the identification of the most responsive patient population and determination of risk-benefits outcomes.

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