Quantzig’s Patient Engagement Solution Helps a Prominent Healthcare Industry Client to Offer Better Healthcare Services to their Patients

Feb 15, 2018

The client: A prominent healthcare provider

Area of engagement: patient engagement

As the global economy recovers from a prolonged recession, the spending on healthcare is witnessing a gradual increase. Prominent organizations in the healthcare industry are facing pressures to meet the demand for healthcare services while curtailing the cost of these services. The recent increase in healthcare spending can be attributed to factors such as the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, technological advances, and emerging-market expansion. As the trend toward universal health care is growing, organizations are facing the need to increase efficiency while delivering effective, efficient, and equitable patient care. Moreover, the radical shift from a traditional, fragmented approach to innovative ways to manage and deliver patient care is compelling prominent players in the healthcare industry to opt for mergers and acquisitions.

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Here are some of the factors influencing the growth of the healthcare industry:

  • Rapidly increasing aging population: A recent study estimates that the number of elderly people in the US is expected to increase by 128% by 2050. The rapid growth of the aging population brings unique challenges to the health care system. As the illness associated with an aging population is high, it becomes essential for the players in the healthcare industry to rely on innovations to manage multiple diseases.

  • Changing healthcare reforms: Despite the implementation of the health care affordable act, the government’s deficit will continue to be an issue for the healthcare providers in the US. To counter such challenges, organizations should find effective ways to reduce costs and adjust value-based purchasing. Moreover, companies should adopt strategic planning strategies to keep pace with an uncertain regulatory and legislative environment.

To address such challenges and identify new avenues for market expansion, organizations are leveraging patient engagement solutions. Patient engagement helps businesses provide easy and seamless access to health information by engaging with their patients more frequently. Moreover, patient engagement also enables patients to view their health information online at the click of a button.

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The Business Challenge

The client, a prominent healthcare provider, wanted to shift towards a patient-focused business model to deliver better and coordinated services to their customers. By harnessing data through advanced analytical tools, the healthcare firm wanted to address patients’ health issues and reduce their interaction with providers. By assessing the industry best practices, the client wanted to improve patient care and lower costs and address patient concerns in the healthcare sector. The primary objective of the engagement was to empower individuals to take better control of their health.

QZ- patient engagement

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The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

Strategies that we recommend based on our analysis to promote healthcare efficiency.

The patient engagement solution offered by Quantzig helped the healthcare industry client streamline the patient check-in process through advanced analytics tools. Moreover, the solution also helped the client create a more personalized engagement by reviewing patients’ progress, prioritizing patient outreach, and proactively addressing vital issues. Quantzig’s patient engagement solution also helped the healthcare industry firm to enhance patient-provider communication and allowed patients to check results, refill prescriptions, and review their medical records.

Patient Engagement Solution Predictive Insights

The patient engagement solution offered by Quantzig helped the healthcare provider educate and empower patients by giving personalized healthcare access to the customers. The solution also helped the client in the healthcare industry engage with patients more effectively by monitoring their progress, prioritizing interventions, and optimizing care plans. The engagement also offered real-time information about the patients by providing continuous feedback to improve the overall health outcomes.

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