Patient Engagement Analytics Helps a Healthcare Industry Client to Achieve Shared Savings

Aug 31, 2017

In today’s patient-centric environment, managing the population of patients has become an indispensable part of the healthcare industry. Leading organizations in the healthcare industry are leveraging the use of patient engagement analytics to deliver utmost patient satisfaction while maximizing ROI. Patient engagement analytics helps organizations gauge through the vast array of patient data to effectively assess self-pay costs and generate precise and timely billing. Moreover, businesses in the healthcare industry can further maximize the use of patient engagement analytics to gain real-time analytics on patient registration and payment clearance processes. Moreover, patient engagement analytics also helps businesses accurately estimate patient costs and increase employee retention. Through robust patient engagement analytics, organizations can target the right individuals, with the right information, and at the right time.

Quantzig’s team of patient engagement analytics experts helps the client devise effective strategies to identify the real opportunities in the healthcare industry. The engagement also assists the client to understand the compliance issues prevailing in the healthcare industry and implement effective strategies to facilitate cost savings.

Leveraging our patient engagement solutions enables healthcare firms to offer a seamlessly integrated healthcare experience across the patient care continuum. Contact an expert for detailed insights.

The Business Challenge

As the healthcare industry is nearing its saturation with numerous competitors offerings products at reasonable costs, a leading healthcare provider was facing a predicament in achieving shared savings. In the initial days, the client witnessed an unprecedented surge in their market shares, but eventually, the client saw a dip in their market shares due to the entry of new players in the market. The client further wanted to leverage the use of patient engagement analytics to gain real-time analytics information about patients and patient satisfaction. The primary objective of the engagement was to accurately estimate patient costs to improve pre-service collections.

Our Approach

To gain actionable insights into the patient engagement, the client approached Quantzig’s team of patient engagement experts. Quantzig’s team of patient engagement experts created a dashboard to compile information across a variety of sources. Also, to increase revenues and savings, the client further carried out extensive research with leading stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

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Patient engagement

Patient Engagement Analytics Benefits Solution

  • Accurately estimate patient cost and other costs associated with patient engagement
  • Stratify patient populations and proactively identify individual needs
  • Allows physicians to concentrate on improving lives, quality, and outcomes
  • Effectively improve care, the health of populations, and reduce per capita costs
  • Gain better insights into patient engagement issues and better target resources

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Patient Engagement Analytics Predictive Insights

  • Identify individuals with chronic illness and ensure they are receiving the information to stay healthy
  • Leverage the use of health records data to predict future health problems
  • Devise effective tools to reduce the risk for patients
  • Deliver personalized messages to patients and assess individuals’ patient’s journey
  • Improve engagement and reduce risks associated with the non-compliance of treatment plans
  • Collect patient data from a multitude of resources such as health records, demographics, and consumer behavior

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