Cross Channel Synergies Engagement: A Case Study on How a Healthcare Retail Client Improved Customer Retention Levels by Over 25%

May 3, 2018

About The Client

A healthcare retail company with operations across Europe

Area of Engagement

Cross Channel Synergies

The global healthcare retail industry is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Industry innovation, policy changes, and the evolution of information and technology—all driven by a swelling wave of millennial momentum—are steering in a new era of healthcare retail. Moreover, as priorities and tendencies of both patients and healthcare specialists transform, the need for brands to engage with their target audiences in a meaningful way is vital to achieving success in a shifting industry landscape. Additionally, patients today are demanding more sophisticated, transparent, convenient, affordable, and personalized service. As a result, the healthcare retail sector has gained a strong foothold in the delivery and financing of healthcare services.

The Business Challenge

A prominent healthcare retail industry client wanted to manage the way others perceive their brand and its products and services. Additionally, they wanted to improve customer satisfaction and maximize customer retention with the help a robust our cross channel synergies engagement. Furthermore, the client was facing difficulties in promoting their brand awareness.

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The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s cross channel synergies engagement, the healthcare industry client understood the customers and determined which marketing strategy works better. Additionally, the client was able to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns and improve customer retention levels by over 25%.

Cross Channel Synergies Predictive Insights

Quantzig’s cross channel synergies engagements helped the retail industry firm to improve brand awareness; thereby, driving profitability in the long run. Additionally, firms can reach out to their current and prospective customers in new and compelling ways. Also, cross channel synergies assist firms in enhancing brand commitment among the customer base.

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However, a few challenges are expected to restrict the growth prospects of the global healthcare industry in the coming years. A few factors include:

  • The rise of consumerism: Typically, healthcare retail firms deal with a more demanding and knowledgeable consumer base. Additionally, the increase in consumer expectations has forced these firms to change the format of healthcare retail. Factors affecting the growth of this industry include convenience, consumer demand, comfort, time, and location.
  • Technological impact: Today, the introduction of digital marketing techniques, computerized billing systems, and electronic media,  has changed the way healthcare retail firms perform when it comes to providing medical services to the end-users. As a result, it is essential for firms in this sector to stay on par with all the technological advancements.

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