Interactive Data Visualization Helps a Telecom Company to Enhance User Experience | A Quantzig Case Study

Jul 8, 2020

What You’ll Find in this Case Study

  • Engagement Summary
  • About the Client
  • Interactive Data Visualization Challenges Faced by Client
  • Problem Statements
  • Solutions Offered
  • Business Outcome

Engagement Summary

The telecom industry is the backbone of the modern era. A humongous amount of data passes through the telecom networks every day. With billions of subscribers, a variety of new services, and the need for customized solutions, the telecom industry faces challenges such as operational support services like order fulfillment, billing, and customer case becoming more complex. The easiest solution to all these problems can be found in a data visualization dashboard.

The Client

The client is a US telecom service provider well known for catering to the needs of more than 10 million users per year through its network and telecom services.

Get in touch with our analytics experts to know more about our data visualization solutions.

Interactive Data Visualization Challenges Faced by Client

This US telecom company approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in data visualization to recognize data patterns more quickly and enable them to improve their decision-making processes.

Problem Statement 1

Speed up the decision-making process – The client was facing problems with a slow decision-making process. Interactive data visualization enables businesses to visualize data and access it in the easiest form, thus accelerating the process. The client wanted to shorten the turnaround time as well.

Problem Statement 2

Enhance user experience – The US telecom industry is witnessing a surge in new telecom players entering the market. The client wanted to enhance their user experience by leveraging data visualization best practices. The client wanted to use interactive data visualization to build a clean visualization board rich with data insights.

Solution Offered

Quantzig’s interactive data visualization dashboards that make use of advanced analytics are not just easy to deploy, but are easy to use as well, and help clients in gaining real-time data insights for their businesses. Quantzig’s big data visualization solutions are completely customizable that uniquely fit into the clients’ requirements.

After attending one of our webinars on interactive data visualizations, the client connected with our experts to understand what their organization can achieve with our superior interactive data visualization solutions.

Quantzig’s data visualization solutions helped the client to sift through multi-dimensional data to identify telecom industry trends.

Business Outcome

With the objective of helping this US telecom company to enhance and improve the decision-making process, Quantzig’s interactive big data visualization experts captured and analyzed every possible dataset to draw actionable insights.

The key business outcomes of the data visualization engagement were –

  • Reduced turnaround time by 24%
  • Enhanced user experience with intelligible data interface
  • Reduced decision-making time with data-driven, real-time updates
  • Deployed an interactive data visualization dashboard

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