Leading Retail Chain Achieves Better Marketing ROI from Social Media Campaign through Big Data Based Brand Tracking Solution

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Inability to accurately measure the returns from social media campaigns

A large retail chain in the UK wanted to assess the impact of its social media campaigns and measure the marketing ROI.


Issues with deciding on the right channels and promotion strategy for improving profitability from social media campaigns

Due to lack of visibility on the level of returns from various campaigns and investments, the client was not able to determine which efforts were profitable and which ones were not yielding expected returns.

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Big data analytics to generate insights on social media campaigns

We made use of the vast customer data gathered through social media listening solutions, to filter and obtain conversations at an individual brand level. We used big data analytics to obtain granular insights on critical factors such as engagement patterns, mentions of influencers, clicks, likes, retweets etc. and used these insights to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns.


Improved marketing ROI from social media campaigns

The client was able to track all the efforts on social media campaigns and measure ROI through KPIs such as clicks, likes, retweets etc. These insights were used to determine the most profitable campaigns for optimizing the spend levels by focusing only on the profitable social media campaigns.

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