Logistics and Transport Analytics Helped a US Based Retailer to Redesign Their Workflow

May 22, 2020

About the Client

The client is a leading food retailer based out of Finland. Being one of the largest supermarkets in Europe, the client has a well-established retail chain with 20+ retail outlets spread across Northern Europe. To support this impeccable system of interconnected retail chain the client has  10 regional warehouses around the country and a robust freight management system.

Business Challenge

 The client wanted to find a solution to standardize their outbound freight scheduling process. Insufficient information from the freight manager was creating hindrances in establishing a systematic workflow. By leveraging logistics and transport analytics, the client was looking forward to developing freight route maps to optimize their current logistics workflow and manage their freight more efficiently. Moreover, every other retail business who had partnered with the  client had varying needs, so the client was also looking forward to providing customized solutions to all the regional businesses.

The challenges faced by the client included-

  1. Lack of flexible freight route maps
  2. Sudden rise in demand
  3. Complex supply chain operations
  4. Increase in customer expectations

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Solution Offered

This retail company approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in logistics and transport analytics and drive better improvements in its logistics workflow. Experts at Quantzig helped the client to gain in-depth knowledge of their freight route through an advanced dashboard that provided real-time insights on transport and logistics data. At a simple glance, the  dashboard offered detailed information on different status messages starting from freight on-site and freight loading status. With the help of Quantzig’s logistics and transport analytics solutions the client was able to derive a new freight route for their logistics workflow.

Value Delivered

The logistics and transport analytics solutions provided granular insights into the logistics and transportation processes, enhancing visibility into fleet route planning and transportation workflows. Optimizing logistics routes following a systematic approach helped the client to meet the seasonal demand surge. The logistics and transport analytics solutions also enabled the client to:

  • Derive an analytics driven dashboard to gain real-time insights on transport and logistics data
  • Derive a new freight route for their logistics workflow.

Quantzig’s Logistics and Transport Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig offers data-driven logistics and transport analytics solutions such as dashboards and portals for record-keeping and analyzing various data sets. Apart from offering interactive visualizations, transportation analytics also empowers  retail businesses to access freight and logistics data at any point in time. This engagement also helped the client to-

  1. Gain greater transparency on logistics routes
  2. Improve customer satisfaction
  3. Improved freight efficiency by 32%

Quantzig’s analytics experts help businesses to gain contextual insights into their supply chain networks and improve logistics. Contact our experts for personalized solutions and recommendations.

Retail Business Workflow

Retail businesses involve several operational processes that are performed on a continuous basis by different teams. The workflow of retail businesses is almost similar between different companies. The retail workflow basically consists of four steps which are-

  1. Purchasing- Purchasing duties in a retail business is often taken care of by store managers and purchasing unlike other activities is mostly centralized. 
  2. Handling inventory- Inventory handling is a major duty of retail business workers. Inventory handling starts right from receiving the order, unpacking, and finally putting the goods on shelves as per the convenience of the shoppers.
  3. Customer service- Customer service is one of the main elements of success for a retail store. If the customer service is of top-notch it adds more value to the business because the main objective of retail businesses is to provide a platform to the customers to examine and buy products of their choice.
  4. Accounting- Keeping a record of financial information like refunds, lost inventory, or hourly sales.

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