Logistics Optimization Improves Logistics Accuracy and Reduced Transportation Costs for Retail Chain

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge:

Reducing transportation and logistics costs and improving accuracy

A leading retail chain operator wanted to analyze the performance of the fleet in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


High fleet operations costs affecting logistics operations

The client operated a combination of self owned and transportation partners’ vehicle fleet for its transport and delivery functions. Client was incurring huge costs on logistics and wanted to optimize the overall logistics operations for better management of the fleet.

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Capacity analytics and fleet management analytics

We conducted an in-depth analysis of fleet performance and capacity utilization of all the vehicles. We did a comparative analysis of service levels with self-owned and partners fleet and their cost efficiency.


Improved logistics accuracy and reduced operational costs

Our solution helped the client increase logistics accuracy and reduce operational costs, improve operational efficiency, and customer service. The client also realized a reduction in overall transportation cost and an increase in transportation operational efficiencies, which in turn, improved the picking and shipping accuracy.

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