Marketing Mix Optimization for a Leading Banking Sector Client Helps Understand the Sales Drivers and Enhance ROI

Dec 3, 2017

Despite the current economic uncertainty, leading companies in the banking sector are looking beyond compliance to optimize their businesses and improve financial performance. In this relatively competitive environment, banking companies need to profile strategic priorities to manage reputation risk and include conduct as a part of their business strategy. With the growing need to improve profit margins and drive innovations, leading companies in the banking sector are facing the need for solutions such as marketing mix optimization. In the banking sector, firms are leveraging the use of marketing mix optimization to spur profitability and optimize their marketing channels to deal with regulatory and market pressures. Moreover, with the altering consumer preferences, banks need to think and operate efficiently to drive improvements in the performance.

To assess the impact of their marketing activity across different channels, leading companies in the banking sector are approaching renowned solution providers such as Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of services, Quantzig’s marketing mix optimization helps banking companies assess the performance of past marketing initiatives and optimize the future spend to enhance business performance.

The Business Challenge

A leading client in the banking sector was facing challenges allocating the future spend for enhancing market attractiveness. The client wanted to better align themselves with the business planning process and increase sales, profit, and shareholder value. Moreover, the client wanted to leverage the use of marketing mix optimization solution to measure the impact of advertising on the overall sales revenue. Furthermore, the primary objective of this marketing mix study was to help the banking sector client optimize their spend on marketing.

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The Solution Offered and its Business Impact

The marketing mix solution offered by Quantzig helped the client efficiently reach and increase brand appeal and evaluate the current ROI for their offerings across various media platforms. Moreover, the solutions offered by Quantzig also helped the client accurately track their media spend and sales and improve the overall business performance of the banks. The leading company in the banking sector was able to effectively allocate their marketing budget and spend across media platforms to increase customer visibility.

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