How Merchandising Analytics Helped a Retail Chain to Raise the Bar and Boost Sales by 15%

Jun 27, 2019

With several retail outlets spread across Germany, the retailer’s commitment to customer experience played a huge role in contributing to its massive success. However, to sustain a competitive edge in today’s complex retail scenario, businesses have to look beyond customer service and focus on various aspects that help offer better experiences across multiple touchpoints.

The Business Challenge

The recent shift in the retail landscape has been driven by changing customer preferences and rapid technological developments. As a result, retailers across the globe are now focusing on eliminating human biases in merchandising decisions by adopting an analytics-based approach to decision making. Our client in this success story is one such retailer who realized the importance of a sophisticated merchandising analytics platform to excel in today’s customer-centric era. They were also looking at developing customized merchandising plans and assortment optimization strategies to improve sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize store layouts.

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With an international reach, the client has been successful in building a unique brand portfolio in each segment within retail. But the intensifying competition made it difficult for them to improve market share and maintain brand visibility across various segments. This is when they decided to leverage Quantzig’s merchandising analytics solutions to improve both in-store and online visibility in order to drive revenue.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig’s merchandising analytics solutions helped the client to track and capture data from 20+ outlets across Germany. By thoroughly analyzing the client’s issues and business goals we helped them generate brand audit reports in real-time which further helped them gauge brand visibility across regions. Our omnichannel merchandising analytics solutions also helped them devise better strategies that helped them enhance brand visibility and boost sales by 15%.

Quantzig’s customer-centric merchandising analytics solutions cover various aspects including pricing, promotions, markdowns, and assortment optimization that help businesses to develop better plans to improve MROI. Request a free solution demo to get started.

Quantzig’s merchandising analytics solutions also helped the client to-

• Better understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns
• Generate real-time reports based on their global sales performance to monitor marketing collaterals
• Identify and categorize outlets based on their performance

What is Merchandising Analytics?

As the retail sector continues to evolve with the integration of advanced analytics tools and techniques retailers need to be more aware of the recent analytics methodologies in the order to sustain a leading edge. Merchandising analytics is an advanced analytics-based methodology that empowers retailers to work efficiently by offering in-depth insights into their business environment. Businesses can leverage such insights to make better decisions that positively impact both the top and bottom lines of the organization.

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