Improve Patient Conversion Rate By 35%: A Patient Engagement Success Story

May 18, 2018

What the Client Wanted

Improve patient conversion by developing a robust patient engagement strategy deliver product and service offerings efficiently.

The Outcome

Developed a mailing conversion model to identify the potential patients who are likely to switch to mail orders based on their propensity.

Summary of the Surgical Equipment Market

Today, better performance of minimally invasive surgeries as compared to traditional open surgeries is the main factor fueling the market’s growth. Moreover, rising chronic disorders as well surgeries and innovative technological improvements are the factors boosting the growth of the minimally invasive surgical equipment market. In addition, the minimally invasive surgeries have intrinsic preferences over conventional kind of surgeries. For example, benefits such as lesser torment, shorter stay at the hospital, lowered scaring and harm to the tissue are increasing the popularity of minimally invasive surgeries across the globe. Moreover, minimally invasive surgeries tend to be more cost-effective than traditional surgeries.

Industry Challenges

  • Quality assurance: Today, questions are being raised about the quality of the surgeries being performed through this method and sterilization procedures that are improper. Such factors are hampering the growth of the minimally invasive surgical equipment market.
  • Design complexities: The complexity of designing small-sized tools, which match the surgical requirements and introduce additional features, such as haptic feedback, are extremely difficult to achieve. As a result, it is important for players in this space to carry out extensive R&D and use the latest and the greatest technological advancements to achieve this feat.

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About the Client

A leading surgical equipment manufacturer with an annual revenue of over USD 4 billion.

Client’s Challenge

To improve patient engagement, the client – a leading manufacturer of minimally invasive surgical equipment in the United States – approached Quantzig to perform a patient engagement analysis to improve patient satisfaction, journey, and outcomes. With rising healthcare costs in the US, the client wanted to implement innovative solutions to reduce cost and improve healthcare outcomes in minimally invasive surgeries. Furthermore, the client wanted to effectively segregate the target patients to deliver its product and service offerings efficiently.

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