Quantzig’s Patient Engagement Model Helped a Leading Healthcare Client to Gain Better Transparency into Patient Care

Dec 31, 2018

US Healthcare Industry Trends and Challenges to Look Out for in 2019

The US healthcare industry has experienced significant transformations over the years, and 2019 is expected to witness the impact of technology in the industry with patient-focused experience being the primary goal of many healthcare providers around the globe. Moreover, the evolving healthcare industry trends and the intrinsic demand for healthcare services continues to surge in the United States, given the aging population, the increasing prevalence of the chronic disease, and the search for a higher quality of life.

Despite the notable healthcare industry trends and development in medical technology, over the next five to ten years, companies in the US healthcare industry should expect to encounter a plethora of challenges with evolving healthcare industry trends; regulatory and policy changes; medicinal and technological advancements, and ethical issues. Thus, companies in the US healthcare industry must seek innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver patient-centered, technology-enabled healthcare solutions.

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Predicaments Faced

About the Client: The client is a leading US healthcare company.

The client, a prominent healthcare provider, wanted to shift towards a patient-focused business model to deliver better and coordinated services to their customers. By harnessing data through advanced analytical tools and analyzing the current US healthcare industry trends, the healthcare firm wanted to address patients’ health issues and reduce their interactions with providers. Moreover, by leveraging solutions to boost patient engagement in healthcare, the client wanted to improve patient care, lower costs, and address patient concerns in the US healthcare industry. Additionally, the client wanted to seek new ways to create a better patient experience and improve the overall quality of healthcare services.

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Solutions Delivered

The patient engagement solution offered by Quantzig helped the US healthcare industry client to streamline the patient check-in process through advanced data analysis and analytics tools. Moreover, the solution also helped the US healthcare industry client to create a more personalized engagement by reviewing patients’ progress, prioritizing patient outreach, and proactively addressing vital issues. Quantzig’s patient engagement solution also helped the US healthcare industry company to enhance patient-provider communication and allowed patients to check results, refill prescriptions, and review their medical records. By boosting patient engagement in healthcare, the client was further able to bridge the gap between practitioners and patients and enhance patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes.

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How Important is Patient Engagement in Healthcare?

As the US healthcare industry shifts to a value-based system, the need to increase patient engagement is coming to the forefront. Patient engagement in healthcare is a patient-centric initiative in which patients are regarded as partners in care and are well informed and actively participating in health-related activities to maintain and improve their own health and wellness. Patient engagement in healthcare covers a whole range of activities and can take on many forms, from patients accessing their own clinical data via patient portals, to discussing their treatment with their physicians through secure electronic messaging, and to monitor their own health activities using wearable tracking devices. Thus, patient engagement in healthcare has become a key strategy, as it helps achieve the triple aim of healthcare delivery by improving the patient experience and reducing the per capita cost.

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