American Healthcare Organization Improves Operational Efficiency by Two-Fold by Leveraging Patient Experience Mapping

May 6, 2021

Engagement Summary

Patient experience mapping is done by every healthcare organization to understand patient experience throughout their journey. Patient experience mapping helps describe and identify every touchpoint during various stages of a healthcare process and create strategies that will help in enhancing their patient’s satisfaction. Large datasets are generated daily from various sources of a healthcare organization value chains such a physician data sets, clinical trials, laboratories, and patients. Breadcrumbs of extremely important information are contained in these datasets and these can be further used to draw insights. Patient experience journey mapping is capable of analyzing data and uncovering findings that can further help the healthcare givers to make better and apt decisions and optimize outcomes.  This case study explains how a leading American chain of hospitals and leveraged patient experience mapping to improve patient engagement and satisfaction. Today, healthcare companies are working on improving their patient experience. Our patient journey analytics solutions focus on driving healthcare transformations to improve both patient and business outcomes.

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The Client

The client is a US-based chain of hospitals and pathological laboratories. They have 50+ hospitals across the USA. Headquartered in Los Angeles, this healthcare organization has more than 700 healthcare staff.

Business Challenge

Every organization requires a profound understanding of segments of patients to create patient journey maps. Without completely understanding the patient’s needs and desires care providers usually go through a difficult time in identifying gaps and challenges in their current care experience. The client was finding it difficult to gauge understanding of patients, as their existing model of patient journey maps was obsolete. The major problems faced the client were-

  • Minimize Care Silos
    Every healthcare organization has blind spots in their system that start from scheduling an appointment, follow-up checkups to discharge of patients. When the workflow of a hospital is properly mapped, blind spots start to disappear. Similarly, the client was facing trouble with such blind spots which was increasing their care silos. This American healthcare provider collaborated with Quantzig to minimize care silos in their system.  
  • Meet Patient Expectations
    Consumers are now digitally empowered, the healthcare industry is also not behind in it. Thus, before scheduling an appointment every patient has a certain level of expectations. The client was finding it difficult to meet the expectations of the patients due to siloed patient experience mapping. They approached Quantzig to better understand the patient expectations by leveraging patient journey analytics.
  • Assist in Continuous Betterment
    Analyzing patient journeys using patient experience mapping is extremely important. It helps in understanding the frequently occurring issues and exploring enhancement opportunities to tackle frequently occurring issues. The client was facing frequently occurring issues that were creating hindrances in providing care. Thus, they were looking forward to gaining insights that will assist in the continuous betterment of healthcare services.

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Solution Provided

In the first phase of this collaboration, the patient journey analytics experts of Quantzig helped the client gain a profound understanding of different segments that create patient journey maps. On gaining complete knowledge of patient needs, the client was able to identify the gaps and challenges in their current care offerings. By the end of the first phase, the client was also able to identify and rectify the blind spots on their patient journey maps. In the second phase of collaboration Quantzig’s experts helped the client to map their workflow thus helping in eradicating their care silos. In the last and final phase of this collaboration, our experts helped this American chain of hospitals to derive a patient experience mapping model that helped them to identify and fix issues on the patient experience maps thus improved their patient satisfaction. Finally, the solution offered by Quantzig helped the client improve conversion rates for the selected patient group by 15% over a period of six months.

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Business Outcome

The patient experience journey mapping engagement also helped the client –

  • Gain 2x boost in operational efficiency
  • Connect with patients on an emotional level by using real-time patient experience mapping
  • Minimize care silos and improve customer satisfaction

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