Patient Journey Analysis Assists a Leading Oncology Drugs Manufacturer to Identify Easy to Market Drug Types

Oct 13, 2017

In today’s world, launching products to help cancer patients cope with their treatment and lifestyle is given utmost importance by oncology drug manufacturers. And to come up with practical solutions, detailed knowledge of the patient’s pain points is necessary. In addition to providing emotional support, it is most important to identify and find ways to address their difficulties. Both qualitative and quantitative methods need to be implemented in a patient journey analysis based approach to provide better solutions to the end-users.

Many leading oncology drug manufacturers from the health care sector, are now approaching companies like Quantzig to understand the patient’s requirements and the issues faced by them. Patient journey analysis helps keep track of the patient’s journey throughout the patient’s disease lifecycle. A leading oncology drug manufacturing client approached Quantzig’s team of experts to provide them patient journey analysis based solutions that would help build relevant patient journey models.

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The Business Challenge

The client, a leading oncology drug manufacturer, was facing predicaments in understanding and addressing the pain point of cancer patients throughout the patient’s lifecycle. The oncology drugs manufacturer was unable to predict what they could expect from their clients. They were also facing difficulties in identifying the easy to market oncology drugs. The client wanted to develop specific models based on the patient journey analysis methodologies. Also, the client wanted to improvise their brand and identify new market opportunities in different geographical regions.

patient journey analysis

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Patient Journey Analysis Solution Benefits

Quantzig’s patient journey analysis based solution helped the client understand how the patients used digital resources and how they would use it in the future. It enabled them to get a detailed insight into the patient’s disease lifecycle. It also helped them classify the various types of cancer and develop different marketing plans accordingly. Patient journey analysis also provided actionable insights and measures to gauge patient’s needs. It also helped the client create a watchlist of bloggers and activists to avoid associating with their brand. Furthermore, it provided a detailed insight into the patient’s awareness levels and the most effective ways to overcome their problems.

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Patient Journey Analysis Predictive Insights

  • Helped understand and address the patients concerns across their journey
  • Assisted in creating differentiated market plans for each cancer type
  • Identified several organizations and initiatives for each cancer type, which had high potential
  • Provided strategic recommendations at each stage of clients tactical planning
  • Identification of new opportunities for brand intervention
  • Mapped out patient’s journey to keep track of their experiences throughout the patient journey lifecycle
  • Detailed analysis of patients behavior to understand the everyday concerns of the patients
  • Helped build various patient journey models based on disease types
  • Provided a more holistic approach to track patient journey
  • Created a roadmap to leverage brand opportunities
  • Helped decrease patient abandonment among specific patient populations
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