Patient Journey Mapping for a Rehabilitation Services Provider: A Quantzig Case Study

Aug 23, 2018

Patient Journey Mapping Process

Patient journey mapping is a process that rehabilitation services providers use to better understand what patients/individuals experience throughout their entire patient journey. Patient journey mapping outlines all the patient touch points during each stage of the care journey and aids companies in creating strategic outreach that improves both patient satisfaction and engagement.

A robust patient journey mapping process classically consists of six stages:

  • Awareness: The patient self-evaluates their symptoms and conditions, conducts research, and reaches out to online groups such as social media to gain more in-depth knowledge about the condition
  • Help: This is where the patient makes a maiden contact with a healthcare system. This is usually done through call centers and emails
  • Care: The patient is assessed at a medical facility such as hospitals and clinics
  • Treatment: The healthcare system provides the patient with an on-site and follow-up care like medications and therapies.
  • Routine Change: The patient inculcates changes to daily routines to reduce the frequency of revisits and promote proactive health
  • Proactive Health: The patient better manages care between clinical visits. Additionally, the healthcare system augments engagement between physicians and patients to empower the patient to better manage their own care

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Rehabilitation Services Industry Overview

Companies in the rehabilitation services industry typically provide physical therapies, treatments, and activities to help patients recover and improve physical and psychological functionality following an injury or ailment. The escalation in the number of people with disabilities; and the baby-boomer generation that is fast approaching coupled with chronic conditions, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke are expected to augment the demand for occupational therapists and physical therapists and subsequently rehabilitation services in the coming years. Furthermore, the rise in the aging population coupled with chronic diseases is driving the home rehabilitation services market.

About the Client

The client is one of the largest university-affiliated academic centers entirely devoted to outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation medicine for both adults and pediatric patients. The company was founded in 1948 and is based out of the United States.

Client’s Challenge

The client wanted to know more about rehabilitation services pathways and the issues that a large proportion of their customers and potential healthcare personnel treaters were facing. As a result, they wanted further insights to gain a 360-degree understanding of customer needs to better serve them using Quantzig’s patient journey mapping process. 

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Business Outcome

With the help of Quantzig’s patient journey mapping process, the client devised a clear buying process for rehabilitation services highlighting potential leverage points to better integrate patient care with the products. Additionally, Quantzig offered the rehabilitation services provider a detailed customer portrait of specific ailment health care personnel and more specifically their attitudes toward treatment including their level of knowledge and inclination to become more involved. This helped the client better understand the patient journey and rehabilitation treatment pathways; thereby, enabling them to effectively target their customers and maximize the potential for their products and services.

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