Patient Journey Mapping Helped a Renowned Pharmaceutical Firm to Enhance Service Efficiency and Improve Customer Experiences

Jan 14, 2019

Mapping the Impending Pharmaceutical Industry Disruptions Through Patient Journey Mapping

About the Client

The client is an American pharmaceutical company headquartered in California that specializes in developing novel human therapeutics, with a focus on cardiovascular disease, oncology, bone health, neuroscience, nephrology, and inflammation.

Business Challenge

The client, a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry, noted that they had become quite adept at data gathering, analysis, and process improvement, often evaluating and attempting to improve their internal workflow processes without fully understanding the voice of their patients. This resulted in poor patient experience and moreover ended up in financial losses for the pharmaceutical industry client. The pharmaceutical industry client, therefore, approached Quantzig for a patient journey mapping engagement to figure out how well their organization was performing at each touch-points with a patient, relative to the patient’s expectations and concerns. With the help of a patient journey mapping solution, the pharmaceutical industry firm was looking to identify gaps and leaks that may hinder their relationship with the patients. With the help of Quantzig’s patient journey mapping solution, the client wanted to understand the patient’s responsiveness to the medications and further improve the quality of care and release resources. In addition, with patient journey mapping, they wanted to connect with their patients on an emotional level and provide optimum experiences in a proactive manner.

With the strategic focus of many companies turning towards delivering exceptional customer experience, a better understanding of the patient experience can reveal new opportunities for innovation and result in better financial outcomes. Request a FREE proposal to leverage our patient journey mapping solution.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

The patient journey mapping solution offered by Quantzig helped the pharmaceutical company to better engage with their patients and understand their individual needs. The patient journey mapping solution further increased patient experience and allowed the client to implement new drug discovery projects to explore robust commercialization strategies. The patient journey mapping solution also allowed the pharmaceutical industry firm to gain an accurate picture of physicians prescribing behavior, treatment regimens, and the flow of the treatment.

During the course of this patient journey mapping engagement, the client was able to interact with their patients effectively and better allocate their resources to meet the patients’ requirements. Additionally, the patient journey mapping offered helped the company to:

  • Understand customer emotions
  • Identify gaps in service or communication
  • Identify shortcomings and opportunities for improving the customer experience
  • Build greater customer satisfaction
  • Visualize the buying experience through the eyes of the customers

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Patient Journey Mapping in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Despite the onslaught of numerous challenges in recent years, the US pharmaceutical industry is anticipated to experience reasonable growth for the next couple of years. Much of the pharmaceutical companies’ growth is expected to come from the shift in focus to biosimilars, biologics, and orphan drugs. However, factors such as the rising instances of lifestyle-related diseases and chronic ailments and the launch of innovative and specialty drugs are also playing their part in boosting the growth of the global pharmaceutical industry.

However, with the advent of new technologies and economic shifts, many companies in the pharmaceutical industry have begun to experiment with the concept of customer-centricity, otherwise known as patient journey mapping. Companies of today focus more on delivering an exceptional patient experience and are entire focusing more on the entire patient lifecycle and patient experience – right from initial engagement, through purchase and into ongoing usage and loyalty. Better understanding of the patient experience can reveal new opportunities to bring about innovation in products and services. This would help them become more patient-centered – encouraging patients to seek diagnoses sooner, facilitate compliance with treatment regimens, and ultimately improve overall patient experience and business results.

To remain competitive and financially successful, pharmaceutical companies should become more proactive in addressing both the economic and clinical value of products across the product life cycle. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies should be able to demonstrate their value economically to patients and payors and create more innovation around delivering economic value and creating a better patient experience.

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