Pharma CRO Major Improves Quality and Achieves 15% Cost Savings using Drug Manufacturing Analytics

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Improving drug manufacturing process.

A global pharmaceutical contract research organization (CRO) wanted to improve its drug manufacturing structure, and ensure process consistency for development of respiratory medicines.

Situation: Improving drug development process for manufacturing of respiratory medicines

The client wanted to achieve high level of quality in its manufacturing process for respiratory medicines, and was looking for analytics services to improve drug development practice, including strategic recommendations on keeping track of raw material inventory, scheduling of tasks, instruments, labs, management of concurrent production batches, and development of quality control-quality assurance standards to flag process anomalies.

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Multi variate and manufacturing analytics for all drug development stages.

We identified critical process parameters (CPP) and critical quality attributes (CQA) in the manufacturing process, conducted the manufacturing analytics, process analytics, risk analytics, multi variate analytics, predictive analytics and quality reporting analytics for during all manufacturing stages.


Improved production quality, reduced errors and 15% cost savings.

The client was able to proactively identify the risks in critical operations and prevent them, develop a robust and flexible workflow program to enable uninterrupted batch production. The client also improved the quality control for production process, which helped in reducing wastage and process errors, and cost savings of 15%.

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