Warehouse Optimization Solutions Help an American Pharmaceutical Company to Improve Efficiency of Supply Chain

Jul 15, 2020

Engagement Summary

Warehouse optimization is the process in which the use of space, time, and resources in a warehouse is made more efficient by way of automation and planning, while simultaneously reducing errors and improving flexibility, internal management, and customer satisfaction. An American pharmaceutical company was facing challenges with maintaining an accurate inventory. Pharma companies often have no or little visibility into their warehouses if they lack automated warehouse optimization solutions. This pharma company approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in warehouse optimization solutions to deploy automation to optimize their warehouse and supply chain process.

Forklifts, trucks, and carts represent a fraction of the equipment used in warehouse management. However, these equipment have low life expectancies due to wear and tear from inefficient stocking, picking, and resetting processes. Contact us to know how our pharma warehouse optimization solutions can help you improve the life expectancy of your resources.

The Client

The client is an American multinational pharmaceutical company that mainly manufactures and sells pharmaceutical formulations and APIs in North America and Europe.

Business Challenge

The client was facing predicaments with optimizing their warehouse and supply chain network. The key challenges faced by the client were-

Problem Statement 1

Inventory location – The client did not accurate inventory locations which were slowing down their loading and dock scheduling, leading to a decrease in their efficiency.

Problem Statement 2

Unorganized labor allocation – With several variables at play, such as the size of the facility and special pharmaceutical element handling requirements, the client needed a well-designed workflow and workforce management. They wanted to leverage Quantzig’s pharma optimization solutions to assist them with allocating labor according to skills and requirements.

Problem Statement 3

Inventory accuracy – The client was facing one of the most dreaded challenges of the pharma industry – an inaccurate inventory plan, which was leading to a loss in profit margin and inefficient time management.

Solution Offered

After collaborating with Quantzig to leverage its pharma warehouse optimization solutions, the client understood that effective warehouse management is much beyond data. It is actually a melting point of a robust set of solutions for better workflow management. A pharma inventory management combined with warehouse optimization solutions can help any organization tie their teams beyond warehouse, sales activities, IT, and engineering to create better cooperation and transparency. Quantzig’s warehouse optimization solution enabled the client to seamlessly optimize their business processes within the warehouse. Quantzig’s experts deployed automation which helped the client to take off the burden of outgoing shipments. This automation also enabled the client to tackle other variable aspects such as in-house snags and inbound freight.

Increasing demand for faster order fulfillment by consumers requires effective warehouse optimization solutions combined with inventory management solutions. Request a FREE proposal to know more.

Business Outcome

Quantzig’s warehouse optimization solutions helped the pharmaceutical company not only optimize their inventory management but save time and cost as well. This collaboration with Quantzig helped the client-

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve the efficiency of their pharma supply chain
  • Improve labor allocation
  • Devise an inventory management plan

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