Real World Evidence Analytics for a Leading Pharma Industry Client

Sep 21, 2017

In today’s competitive business scenario, consumers have a variety of treatment options to choose from and are constantly on the lookout for quick and effective ways to cure their illnesses. Also, with the changing preferences of the consumers, the pharma industry players have started adopting real world evidence analytics to bring about efficient patient-journey experience across functional areas.

Real world evidence analytics allows establishments across the pharma industry to compete with a key advantage, design successful clinical trials, drive patient value, and respond to ever-changing market dynamics. Consequently, pharma companies have started leveraging the use of real world evidence analytics to gain actionable insights into a drug or drug class and its performance in the real world medical setting.

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Quantzig’s real-world evidence analytics solution helps the pharma industry clients measure real-time information on drugs. Additionally, the solutions offered by Quantzig further highlight the effectiveness of new drug treatments for several patient conditions. Also, these solutions help clients gain a deeper understanding of the reason for product recalls and emphasize on different ways to deliver better healthcare services to patients.

The Business Challenge

A leading pharma industry client wanted to leverage the use of real world evidence analytics and gain strategic insights into their disease portfolios. The client was facing challenges in gaining relevant market insights based on conditions and patient data.

The primary objective of the pharma industry client was to file a disease progression report and improve their clinical presentation of illnesses at regular intervals. Additionally, they wanted to document changes in terms of seasonal variations of the disease, disease severity, safety profile, and patient-reported outcomes.

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Real World Evidence Analytics Solution Benefits for Pharma Industry

After a comprehensive analysis of the current market landscape, the analysts at Quantzig were able to offer insights on the real world performance of the product. This served as a valuable indicator of the product profile and the burden of illness, which, in turn, helped increase the acceptance of clients’ products by health authorities and physicians. The real world evidence solution also offered insights into the benefits of utilizing the medical products to facilitate the reimbursement policies. Additionally, the client was able to formulate effective strategies to recognize new markets and treatment patterns in the pharma industry space.

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Real World Evidence Analytics Solutions Predictive Insights

  • Leverage the use of real world data to make timely and informed decisions
  • Identify patient partners based on drug usage
  • Understand and analyze the diverse patient data
  • Understand treatment patterns and their outcomes
  • Develop a real-world strategy to optimize healthcare outcome

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