Patient Journey Analysis for a Pharmaceutical Industry Major Helps Identify Noteworthy Areas of Unmet Needs Across Multiple Patient Populations

Jul 10, 2018

What the Client Wanted

A leading pharmaceutical industry major wanted to understand their position in the current market and develop an optimal launch plan for new patient segments.

The Outcome

Gained insights on how to prioritize commercial activities based on the opportunities to impact the evaluation, treatment, and coverage decisions for each key stakeholder.

Patient journey analysis helps pharma and life sciences companies to identify the most effective drugs or treatment patterns based on a detailed analysis of patient journeys. Contact our analytics experts for more insights.

Summary of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

The global pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the development, production, and marketing of medications to meet the rising needs of the customers across the globe. With mounting concerns pertaining to healthcare treatments, the pharmaceutical industry has witnessed a promising growth over the last five years and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Major factors driving the growth of the global pharmaceutical industry is the growing aging population, changing lifestyles, and unhealthy eating habits. Moreover, the positive influence of medication on global health, prosperity, and economic productivity is compelling players in this industry to heavily invest in R&D to further revolutionize the treatment process.

Industry Challenges

Intensifying customer expectations: Today, the pharma and healthcare environment is getting harsher with customers looking for cost restraints in the products being offered. Therefore, pharmaceutical industry players need to ensure that new therapies are clinically and economically better than the other alternatives. Besides, the rising number of illness cases is forcing players in the pharmaceutical industry to provide promising solutions with utmost quality.

Policy modifications: Any changes to the policies in the healthcare industry will have a direct impact on the pharmaceutical industry. With healthcare services being the top priority of the governments across the globe, leading organizations in the pharmaceutical industry are facing pressures to meet the adequate quality concerns set forth by the FDA.

The slower growth rate in emerging markets: Over the years, the reduction in the GDP of low-income and developing countries with high pharmaceutical growth prospects has prompted a corresponding decrease in the volume growth. However, unless these emerging markets pick up on their economic growth, the development of the pharmaceutical industry will prove to be difficult.

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About the Client

A world leader in the pharmaceutical industry headquartered in the US. The company is a pioneer in developing and producing medicines and vaccines for a wide range of medical disciplines, including diabetology, cardiology, oncology, immunology, and neurology.

Client’s Challenge

The pharmaceutical industry players wanted to evaluate the potential impact of pursuing multiple future cardiology indications for label expansion. With its currently approved indications, the drug has reached maturity in its market, is exhibiting plateaued market performance, and facing multiple alternative treatment options. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry client wanted to conduct a patient journey analysis, understand the provider, payer, and patient perspectives that would help them fully understand the disease flow, treatment drivers and barriers, and key leverage points to impact therapy selection.

Summary of our Patient Journey Analysis Engagement

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Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s patient journey analysis, the pharmaceutical industry player incorporated multiple methodologies to develop a holistic, 360-degree patient journey, including:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research with providers, patients, and payers to uncover key factors that impact patient care and their relative influence
  • Mapping of the patient digital experience through digital anthropology, patient roundtable virtual discussions, and reflective story-telling
  • Analysis of the Real World Evidence (RWE) data including EHR, claims, and utilization to uncover disparities in provider perceptions on behavior vs. actual clinical practice

The pharmaceutical industry player also identified noteworthy areas of unmet needs across multiple patient populations that represented a significant opportunity by layering primary and secondary research with health and behavioral data.

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Patient Journey Analysis Insights

Quantzig’s patient journey analysis helps firms in the pharmaceutical industry to defined market segments based on specific unmet needs. This will further enable companies to develop deep engagement strategies for both physicians and patients. Furthermore, Quantzig’s multi-stakeholder and dimensional patient journey analysis approach helped the client discover and quantify the key transition points along the continuum of care for patients. Also, the client captured perceptions on different therapies in target patient populations and required evidence to change the standard of care.

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