Quantzig’s Real World Evidence Analytics Solutions Helped a Pharmaceutical Industry Client to Improve Drug Efficacy and Increase the Market Share by 3x

Sep 30, 2019

Today for companies in the pharmaceutical industry, it has become very crucial to shift from a sales and marketing-focused model to an access-driven commercial model. With healthcare becoming a priority for governments in several countries, the pharmaceutical industry seems to have a bright future. But on the flip side, there are several factors like consumer attitudes, drug availability, affordability, policies of governments, which might not entirely be in the favor of pharma companies and are challenging the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor, based out of the US, has 5 years of patient CDR and claims repository. They wanted to track the market share and analyze future growth opportunities based on the performance of two oral oncolytic drugs they had launched a year back using both internal and real-world sources of data.

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Business Challenge

The client, a leading pharmaceutical company, was facing serious challenges in tracking the market share and updating static reports frequently based on changing stakeholder requirements. Moreover, with the complexity of multiple lines of therapy, a high degree of specificity was required to help physicians determine the right therapy and drug combination for different patient segments. The client collaborated with Quantzig to leverage its expertise in offering real-world evidence analytics solutions for tracking and monitoring the market share and simulating outcomes for physicians.

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To help the pharmaceutical industry client tackle their core business challenges, real-world evidence analytics experts adopted a three-step holistic approach. In the first phase, they designed a rule-based algorithm (leveraging multiple predictive algorithms) to arrive at the best treatment option for particular patient profiles. The second phase of this engagement focused on integrating medical and pharmacy data at the patient level to offer the pharmaceutical industry client a complete market picture including (physician, diagnosis, procedure, prescription date, pills/days). In the third and final phase, the experts developed a rule-based optimal treatment algorithm to predict the best treatment option based on cancer progression and risk of surgery.

The solution offered helped the pharmaceutical company to track the market share and sales trends of the drugs in real-time and ensure reporting at multiple levels (region, physician, etc.) for all metrics.

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Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics also helped the pharmaceutical industry client to:

  • Develop new therapies and differentiate their brand from the market
  • Design multiple Hidden Markov Models to arrive at the best treatment option for a particular patient profile
  • Increase market share by 3x

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