Real World Evidence Analytics Assists a Health Care Provider to Improve Their Overall Business Efficiency

Nov 6, 2017

Lately, health care providers across the globe are facing several economic uncertainties and are consequently relying on real world evidence analytics to improve their overall business efficiencies. Moreover, leading health care providers have started leveraging the use of these analytical methodologies to determine the right treatment patterns and enhance outcomes. Real world evidence analytics provides real world data on the performance of the offerings in real world medical settings. Additionally, with the help of real world evidence analytics, leading health care provider can determine the unmet needs of the patients and gauge the utilization rates of drugs among the target segments in niche markets.

Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics solution help a health care provider to measure real-time information on drugs; thereby, improving the accessibility of the drugs and its pricing structure. Additionally, these solutions offered by Quantzig help clients highlight the effectiveness of innovative drug treatments for different patient conditions. Also, leading health care providers can formulate new strategies to target niche market segments and increase their ROI.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned global health care provider with offices spread across various niche geographies was facing predicaments in improving clinical outcomes and enhancing the accessibility of the drugs. Additionally, the health care provider was facing difficulties in profiling the customers based on their medical records. As a result, they wanted to understand the market effectiveness and develop product offerings based on customer preferences to enhance their business efficiency.

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Real World Evidence Analytics Solution Benefits

With the help of real world evidence analytics, the health care provider gained numerous benefits in terms of patient-level data across geographies. Additionally, the real world evidence analytics solution assisted the health care provider in understanding the right treatment patterns for patients and their effect on economic outcomes. Furthermore, the health care provider was able to compare the cost, quality, and benefits of the drugs with that of their peers.

Real World Evidence Analytics Predictive Insights

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of disease progression patterns and the costs associated with treatments
  • Identify potential development areas and gain real world data on the product offerings
  • Identify innovative treatment patterns and target niche market segments
  • Enhance the time to market for medicines
  • Improve efficiency of clinical trials

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