Real World Evidence Analytics Assists a Medical Device Client to Make Better Reimbursement Decisions

Sep 11, 2017

In this dynamic-environment, the rapidly changing regulations and reimbursement policies are forcing leading organizations in the medical device landscape to rely on real world evidence analytics solutions. Leading medical device manufacturers are interpreting the use of analytical methodologies to determine the treatment patterns and devise better treatment outcomes. For the organizations in the medical devices sector, real world evidence analytics provides significant insights on the performance of the drug in real-world medical settings. Also, transforming real-world data can help organizations develop better therapies more quickly, effectively provide verifiable evidence for payers, and effectively differentiate their brand in the market.

With the healthcare landscape becoming more expensive than ever before, medical device companies have started leveraging real world evidence analytics to gain better visibility into the health outcomes of the patients. Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics solutions provide detailed insights on treatment pathways, patient adherence, and disease progression. Furthermore, experts can further help the client evaluate the efficiency of drug treatments and optimize their ROIs.

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The Business Challenge

The recent years have witnessed a significant adoption of real world evidence analytics to effectively monitor and maintain patient outcomes. The client, a leading medical device manufacturer, was facing a predicament securing reimbursement for deep brain stimulation for advanced Parkinson’s disease. The client wanted to leverage the use of real world evidence analytics to compare the costs and benefits of medical devices to make better reimbursement decisions. The client was also facing a predicament offering procedures with effectively organized cost reimbursement.



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Real World Analytics Solution Benefits

After a comprehensive analysis of the obtained information, the client was able to leverage the use of innovative technologies and analytics to extract, analyze, and visualize data. The engagement further assisted the client to gain actionable insights into the patient treatments and further discover trends in treatment pathways. Also, through a robust real world analytics solution, the leading healthcare provider helped the client classify the diseases based on severity such as mild, moderate, and severe. The client was further able to improve the healthcare performance by maximizing specific knowledge.

Real World Analytics Solutions Predictive Insights

  • Understand treatment patterns and their outcomes
  • Understand the natural history of the disease and determine the cost of illness
  • Develop a real-world strategy to optimize healthcare outcomes
  • Understand and analyze larger amounts of diverse patient data
  • Identify patient cohorts based on drug usage

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