Case Study: Developing a Retail Analytics Roadmap for a Leading Cosmetics Brand

Aug 27, 2019

The Client

With several business units spread globally, the client is a well-known cosmetics brand operating in the retail market in the Philippines. They specialize in the sales and distribution of cosmetic products globally.

The Business Challenge

While many retailers have started their analytics journey and are at various stages of maturity, they are still struggling to identify the most appropriate model for sustainable retail analytics implementation. However, the use of retail analytics solutions has gradually spread across several business areas, impacting key decisions of retailers globally.

With the proliferation of data sets and the growing popularity of analytics models, businesses should consider leveraging retail analytics solutions and applications such as- video analytics, retail analytics, operational analytics, text analytics, and supply chain analytics to enhance their decision-making ability. While such applications are moving into the mainstream, retailers with several business units tend to have various databases supporting a wide range of market initiatives. Collating and analyzing the data generated from disparate sources, however, can be a challenge without expert assistance. Working with a trusted third-party analytics service provider like Quantzig can bring sanity to otherwise chaotic processes inundated by resource constraints.

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With the growing competitive pressures, the retailer faced several challenges including engagement, digitization, and disruptions that prompted them to devise a suitable model to better position themselves and gain a winning edge in today’s complex retail sector. As such, they were looking at devising a structured retail analytics-driven approach that would help them to skilfully undertake the journey from data discovery to insight generation, data optimization, and finally embedding of analytics into their existing workflow.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Realizing the value of their operational and sales data, the client approached Quantzig to help them integrate and analyze data on a more granular level so that they could create an effective long-term strategy and redeploy their efforts in the right stores.

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Based on our experience of working with multiple retailers, we helped the client to leverage retail analytics solutions to develop a framework that helped structure their programs in three key areas including:

  • Merchandising operations
  • Supply chain operations
  • Store operations

To help the client tackle their challenges our retail analytics experts adopted a three-phased approach that generated deeper insights across the retail value chain, including procurement, supply chain, sales and distribution, store operations, and customer management. It included the following three phases:

Phase 1: Exploratory Data Analysis

During the first phase of this retail analytics engagement, we performed a detailed exploratory analysis of the client’s business data and generated a detailed retail analytics-based report to aid decision making.

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Phase 2: Implementation of Analytics Modules and Expert Recommendations

The second phase of this retail analytics engagement revolved around implementing advanced analytics-based business modules for improving store operations.  In addition to improving the speed of reporting and ad hoc querying, we also offered expert recommendations that helped them focus on analyzing data generated from various sources.

Phase 3: Detailed Retail Analytics Roadmap

The devised roadmap revolved around leveraging data and analytics to exploit the latest technologies to deliver better digital experiences for their customers and integrate digital channels and operations into the fabric of their businesses.

Our retail analytics solutions not only helped the client to bring in major organizational transformations but also enabled them to increase their operational efficiency by 13%.

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