The apparel retail industry includes brands that design, manufacture, and sell clothing, footwear, and accessories. Apparel companies were initially wholesalers that sold huge quantities of goods to clothing retailers. However, considering the complex scenario in today’s retail industry, it is difficult to differentiate between clothing retailers and wholesalers. Also, most of the apparel businesses today are involved in both types of operations.

Several leading clothing retailers in the retail industry are now focusing on establishing retail divisions. Moreover, stores that are dedicated to a single brand enable the company to entirely control their identity and brand recognition. Also, it increases the profit margins of clothing retailers.

The Business Challenge

The client, a leading player in the retail industry, approached our team of experts to help them improve their multi-channel presence. Due to massive competition from peers, the clothing retailer was facing difficulties in promoting their brand awareness.

Additionally, the client wanted to manage the way others perceive their brand and its products and services. Also, the client was looking at leveraging insights gained from cross-channel synergies to improve customer satisfaction and maximize customer retention.

The Solution and the Business Impact

The cross channel synergies solution offered by the experts at Quantzig helped the clothing retailer in enhancing their multi-channel presence. It also helped them improve customer retention levels by over 30%. Moreover, the engagement assisted them in measuring the performance of their marketing campaigns.

Cross Channel Synergies Solution Predictive Insights

It is always essential for players in the retail industry to understand the customers and determine which marketing strategy works better. Cross channel synergies act as a useful and efficient way to enhance marketing strategies. Moreover, it helps leading players in the retail industry to reach out to their current and prospective customers in new and compelling ways.

The insights offered by our experts enabled the client to manage their online distribution channels efficiently. It also helped them to improve brand awareness; thereby, driving profitability in the long run. Also, cross channel synergies assisted them to enhance brand commitment among their customer base.

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Here are a few trends that are bringing about disruptions in the apparel retail industry:

  • The emergence of new retail concepts- Several clothing retailers have decided to side-step the traditional retailing concepts and adopt new concepts to attract customers. Also, flexible physical channels and other pop-up shops are gaining popularity and brands are increasingly experimenting with growing out their physical channels.
  • Custom Experiencing- Clothing retailers are adopting artificial intelligence to offer personalized services to their customers. Players in the retail industry are also taking advantage of technological innovations, advanced analytics, and machine learning to provide more targeted and personalized shopping experiences.
  • Smart retail outlets- Digital integration is increasingly becoming a big deal across all channels, especially for clothing retailers. Technologies such as IoT are being deployed in retail firms and are expected to bring about significant changes in the processes and systems across the retail landscape.


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