Campaign Performance Improvement Helped a Fashion Retail Firm to Witness a 30% Rise in ROAS – A Campaign Analytics Engagement

Dec 14, 2018

Why is Campaign Analytics a Boon to the Retail Industry?

Marketing generally revolves around telling a great brand story and communicating it to the marketplace. But ever since the advent of data and analytics-driven programmatic marketing, the complexity associated with getting the right marketing message out has increased exponentially. The combination of economic volatility, changing growth rates, and technological disruption has given way to a more connected and discernible global customer base than ever before.

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As the pace of change in the fashion retail industry accelerates, the need to have an innovative and sustainable marketing analytics solution becomes imperative. To sustain a competitive advantage retailers require expertise in data analytics, customer engagement, and marketing along with the knowledge of campaign analytics to target, acquire, and retain the best customers. However, to achieve such goals retail industry players have to focus more on enhancing their digital and analytic strategies rather than merely limiting the marketing efforts to promotions. Campaign analytics isn’t just a competitive advantage anymore. By leveraging campaign analytics you can:

  • Cut down marketing spend
  • Analyze campaign success metrics
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing initiatives

Client’s Profile

The client is a leading player in the fashion retail industry in Canada. The retail firm comprises of five different retail brands that sell from 800+ retail outlets operating in 70 sales markets around the world.

Project Background and Solution Offered

A Canadian fashion retail industry company was in danger of falling prey to challenges arising due to their inability to evaluate the effectiveness of their digital marketing initiatives. The retail industry player wanted to assess various touchpoints in order to identify the effectiveness of each channel. By leveraging the use of campaign analytics to collect and analyze data about customer intentions the fashion retail industry client gained insights on how they could update their specific campaign strategies. The insights also enabled them to tweak their marketing campaign criteria.

Value Delivered to the Client

Quantzig’s campaign analytics assessment was specifically designed to help the fashion retail industry player gauge and understand the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives by assessing the strategies adopted by the key competitors in the market. By analyzing campaign data and by gleaning insights into the frequency and strategy behind successful campaigns the fashion retail industry player saw a 30% improvement in return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). Our campaign analytics solution also enabled them to quantify the marketing effectiveness of different channels and their associated campaigns in regards to the ROI, revenue contribution, and sales, to guarantee a double-digit sales growth through various digital channels.

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