Sales Force Effectiveness Helps a Health Care Services Client Increase Sales by 10%

Oct 11, 2017

Businesses today solely rely on sales force effectiveness to identify and cater to the changing needs of the end-users of health care services. According to a study, sales force effectiveness initiatives in MedTech industries are estimated to increase their performance by up to 8%.

The sales force is a crucial engine for the growth of the health care services sector, which comprises of medical products and services companies. But data is often scarce about the impact of sales force effectiveness (SFE) initiatives. As a result, many leading providers of health care services approach firms like Quantzig to improve sales force effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry. Businesses belonging to the healthcare sector have realized the importance of sales force analysis and data management and are more inclined to invest in such services. Salesforce effectiveness provides companies with significant opportunities to improve organic growth and increase their profit margins.

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The Business Challenge

A leading health care services provider approached Quantzig as they were struggling to define a successful approach and demonstrate a measurable return on investment (ROI). The client wanted to stay ahead of the shifting market dynamics. The health care services client also wanted to develop and implement an improvised sales model rapidly. The client wanted to implement new sales models about detailing channels and physician access.

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Sales Force Effectiveness Solution Benefits

Quantzig helped the client achieve an overall 10% increase in sales margins. It also helped them adapt to the dynamic needs of the health care services sector. Quantzig’s sales force effectiveness based solutions provided a more holistic and integrated approach to sales and marketing. The client saw a noticeable difference in the sales percentage compared to the past few years. The solution offered also offered insights on the effectiveness of materials, sales tactics, and ideas to improve current business models.

Sales Force Effectiveness Predictive Insights

  • Helps companies in the health care sector to prioritize and access physician needs and develop solutions based on the needs
  • Respond to pressures from competitors, customers, and changing economy
  • Helps develop competencies according to the current market needs
  • Increased physician satisfaction, resulting in repeat sales(RRx)
  • Helps to improve new industry models
  • Optimization of relevant resources
  • Greater control over structure and size of sales teams
  • Utilizing new technological trends for offering excellent health care services

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