How Social Listening Helped a Digital Retail Firm to Re-engineer Customer Sentiments and Drive Brand Value

Dec 10, 2018

Top 5 Social Listening Strategies to Bolster Business Growth

To gain in-depth insights into your existing customer base and understand the needs of potential customer segments, it’s essential to be engaged in social listening. While social listening is considered to be a type of research methodology, social listening techniques generally go beyond the term. The objective here is to listen to what customers think of your brand and leverage those insights to enhance your marketing effectiveness. The following are the top five strategies that’ll help you do so:

  • Participate actively in conversations
  • Combine social listening and marketing strategies
  • Leverage social listening data to predict the future
  • Listen outside your immediate industry
  • Respond quickly

Client’s Profile

The client- a Fortune 500 retail company, headquartered in Canada. The retail industry player is one of the few retail industry players who initiated the digital retail revolution.

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Project Background and Solution Offered

In an effort to better understand customer sentiments and gain insights on potential customers, the client- a digital retail firm realized the need to gain a new, detailed view of their customer segments. The digital retail brand was well-aware of the challenges associated with the adoption of traditional research methodologies that involve listing out popular brands and assessing them based on customer sentiments.

After considering several options, the digital retail client zeroed in on modifying their social listening strategy by seeking expert advice from Quantzig’s social media analytics team. When the digital retail client joined forces with our analytics experts, their initial goal was to increase customer connections and drive engagement through personalized campaigns. The social listening strategy enabled the client to leverage social listening data to create a relevant content calendar and use that to drive brand value.

Value Delivered to the Client

Within a span of three months, the digital retail client was able to witness massive results. With the help of the new strategy the client’s- social media engagements quadrupled over the previous quarter, the number of followers increased fivefold across social media platforms, and the number of brand mentions skyrocketed to 5x the previous years’ number.

Quantzig’s social listening techniques enabled the client to discover an active community of new customers who were interested in their service and product offerings. Also, by leveraging social listening data and by turning an ear to customer preferences the digital retail firm successfully entered new markets and invested a considerable sum to develop new products to meet the growing customer demands. Also, the client’s ability to deliver an informed, rapid response helped them drive brand value by re-engineering customer sentiments around their brand from negative to positive.

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