Social Media Campaign Promotion Tracking Helps an Online Retailer Successfully Launch One-day Product Delivery Service

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Social media based campaign tracking.

A US based online retailer wanted to understand the user sentiment to its trial based one day product delivery service, and also understand how the customers were reacting to the promotion campaign.

Situation: Measuring the impact of campaign for new service

The client had introduced a trial one day delivery service at additional charge for orders above a certain amount, and had developed vigorous marketing campaign to promote the new service. Client wanted to track and measure the impact of the campaign across all social media channels, to understand the customer perception and take future investment decisions.

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Comprehensive coverage monitoring, campaign monitoring and customer sentiment analysis.

We defined the search algorithm for comprehensive coverage monitoring. We identified key performance indicators (KPIs) utilized for campaign and buzz monitoring, ad performance monitoring,  and customer sentiment analysis to understand the sentiments around the new service and whether it was a hit with customers or not.

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Positive sentiments leading to expansion of service to a larger scale.

Based on our insights the client identified the non-availability of shipment tracking as the key detractor, and added the provision to monitor the shipments and track them through the day. The client also identified the positive sentiments about its new service and made plans to expand the service to a bigger scale.

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