Devising a Configurable Data Model for a Leading Player in the US Healthcare Industry | Quantzig’s New Success Story

Jul 24, 2019

Industry Overview

The US healthcare industry today comprises of several healthcare service providers and medical councils that focus on offering value-driven patient care. This has resulted in the generation of huge volumes of data sets that cover different aspects of business operations. Also, the US healthcare industry is fast transforming, driven by the aging population and rising costs of healthcare services.

Several such factors have provoked players in the US healthcare industry to adopt leaner business models, one which adapts to the fluctuating healthcare market trends and technological advancements. To do so, healthcare service providers in the US healthcare industry are now focusing on offering personalized services, while also analyzing the health of the global population to proactively respond to the changes in market dynamics. However, it’s crucial to note that these objectives can be met only by leveraging advanced predictive analytics to assess patient data.

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The Client

The client is a leading player in the US healthcare industry, specializing in offering diagnostic imaging services that assist patients and physicians in making data-driven decisions to improve business outcomes.

Business Challenge

Though our client had access to troves of patient data, it’s open-ended, unstructured nature posed numerous challenges that prevented them from producing viable business outcomes. Other factors like lack of analytics expertise, cost management, and lack of access to relevant technologies further restrained them from maximizing data utilization.

This is when the US healthcare industry player decided upon replacing their existing data management system with an advanced analytics-driven system that could help them analyze complex patient data sets in real-time. They collaborated with Quantzig to devise an advanced data management framework, given its strong expertise across healthcare workflows, data mining, big data processing, and predictive analytics use cases in healthcare.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The US healthcare industry client was looking at leveraging Quantzig’s expertise in offering advanced analytics solutions to make better healthcare decisions and drive business outcomes through the implementation of a robust data management system.

To help the client tackle their challenges, we put together a team of analytics experts and big data professionals who performed an in-depth analysis of their existing data management framework and assessed the changing landscape of the US healthcare industry. Based on the analysis, our experts designed an advanced analytics-based solution using MapReduce algorithms and big data technologies. This, in turn, helped the client to develop a robust data model to integrate and analyze healthcare data.

Quantzig’s customized analytics solutions have aided leading players in the US healthcare industry to identify issues and replicate successful deployments across different parts of the organization. Get in touch for in-depth insights.

Business Outcome

By partnering with Quantzig, the client was able to:

  • Leverage our big data expertise to build a configurable data model capable of processing high volumes of data
  • Reduce the dependency on legacy systems and build a data repository model with standardized data
  • Leverage BI tools and advanced analytics to generate powerful reports with rich visualizations
  • Analyze key big data processing and advanced analytics use cases such as health reporting and point of care decision support

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