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May 9, 2019

The ever-growing economic uncertainties are driving industrialists to focus on working capital management. A transformative, enterprise wide-approach to working capital management has opened new possibilities that have prompted leading businesses to break out of their organizational silos and adopt advanced analytics to drive growth. In the pharmaceutical sector, effective working capital management has become a critical element of transformation, as it helps embrace a less-risky, more sustainable, and cost-effective business model.

Have you considered leveraging the best practices in working capital management to maximize cash flows? If yes, we can help. Our unique ‘data-driven + analytics-powered’ approach is what sets us apart from our competitors. This case study is a classic example of one such approach, download the complete case study for detailed insights.

At Quantzig, we understand the need to enhance working capital management efforts to effectively tackle the ever-growing pharma challenges. Our customizable dashboards and advanced analytical solutions have helped several players across industries to leverage the best practices in working capital management.

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What Are the Four Main Components of Working Capital?

Working capital management is a key component of industrial transformations. It holds immense value in the following four key areas:

• Cash management
• Receivables management
• Inventory management
• Accounts payable management

What Are the Challenges?

The client, a leading pharmaceutical industry player based out of the United States was looking at implementing new technologies to enhance their working capital management strategy. Though the company had pursued several initiatives to improve its approach to working capital management they still felt that their performance could be further improved by leveraging the best practices in working capital management. The client approached Quantzig to leverage advanced analytics to review their current processes and design an accurate action plan to improve their current approach to working capital management.

Key Problem Areas:
• Inventory Optimization
• Customer Profiling
• Payment Analysis

Top companies across industries are adopting a mindset that favors future growth and on-going innovation. Request for a free proposal to learn how you can zero-in on growth.

Read the Complete Case Study to Discover:

  • Why working capital management is a crucial factor for players across industries
  • How you can improve operational excellence by leveraging advanced analytics and implementing
  • the best practices in working capital management
  • How Quantzig’s data analysis and reporting capabilities can enhance your working capital management efforts
  • How we helped the client to improve their working capital footprint
  • How the interactive dashboards empowered the client to visualize data on a variety of graphs, charts, and tables 

Download a free copy of this case study to gain in-depth insights into how we helped a pharma client take the next big step towards industrial transformation.

The ongoing advancements have given rise to dramatic shifts that have changed the way organizations perceive and manage their working capital. As a result, old and siloed business models are increasingly being overturned by analytic approaches that focus on the optimization and effective use of working capital across the organization.

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