Identifying New Touchpoints Along the User Journey – A Specialty Retail Case Study

Nov 12, 2018

Key Benefits of Developing a User Journey Map

Understanding different customer perspectives through the use of analytic techniques help to glean insights into their personal experience with a brand. Market leaders across industries are now shifting focus and are prioritizing the development of customer journey maps to study the user journey of different individuals and identify key areas for improvement. Through a detailed analysis of quantitative data and anecdotes from end users, brands can develop comprehensive user journey maps that reflect the customer’s motivations and sentiments along the Request Proposaluser journey lifecycle- from being a potential customer to a loyal one. Here are a few benefits of developing a user journey map:

  • Helps to understand customer emotions
  • Identifies communication or service gaps
  • Helps increase sales and reduce cost
  • Enhances customer satisfaction

Client’s Profile[spacer height=”10px”]

The client is an American multinational specialty retail chain with over 100+ stores located globally.

Project Background and Solution Offered[spacer height=”10px”]

Owing to the paradigm shift in the shopper-retailer relationships, the client- a leading specialty retail store wanted to better understand how their customers interact with their brand. Influenced by tech-driven factors such as convenience and value today’s customers have the power to threaten traditional retailing models. This has necessitated the need to make the right strategic decisions by understanding every individual’s user journey.QZ Banner Square

With similar concerns, the specialty retail client approached Quantzig to help them develop a user journey template to understand how their customers chose to buy and rebuy essential goods. The specialty retail store’s main goal was to develop a user journey template to:

  • Identify user journey patterns, interactions, and engagements
  • Understand a user’s online and in-situ mindset


To help the specialty retail client gauge user journeys our experts developed a holistic, observational analytic approach that included the collection and a detailed analysis of customer data. The data sources included social media, passive metering data from mobile applications, in-store observational data and also leveraged shopper ethnography to identify the rational and emotional touchpoints across user journeys. The offered solutions enabled key decision makers of the specialty retail store to a leverage the use of the user journey template to identify and prioritize the touchpoint opportunities which in turn helped them enhance their efficiency, optimize speed, and improve brand penetration.

Value Delivered to the Client[spacer height=”10px”]

The use of a customer journey map empowered the specialty retail store to identify and isolate key consumer and user journey touchpoints in the top product categories across their business units. The specialty retail store used the results extensively to build an integrated and localized communication platform while optimizing their in-store and online marketing plans for their brand.

Armed with granular analytic insights, the specialty retail store was well-equipped to make smarter, strategic business decisions regarding resource allocation, marketing initiatives, and customer satisfaction. The quantitative results also played a key role in identifying specific customer touchpoints that were essential to engage and persuade customers.

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