Warehouse Management and Shop Capacity Planning Improves Product Availability in Retail Stores For Electrical Products Seller

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Warehouse management and shop capacity optimization.

A US based electrical products wholesaler and retailer wanted to optimize its warehouse design for managing shipments to its multiple retail locations, and also optimize shop capacity to trigger reordering of products.

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Managing warehouse shipment to multiple locations, capacity planning for retail stores.

The client had multiple retail stores, and wanted to improve shop capacity planning, by improving the layout of its warehouses, such that they could efficiently handle and process various levels of orders from its retail stores. The client also wanted advisory on inventory, and reordering levels for its stores for moving products from warehouses to stores.

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Capacity utilization and inventory management analytics.

We used the client’s historical and real time product flow, sales and distribution data to analyse and identify the most effective distribution channel and warehousing solutions based on process flows, block layouts, staffing estimates, cost/benefit estimates. We also determined the inventory and reorder levels to trigger ordering from distribution centers and warehouses.

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Improved capacity utilization.

The client received a new warehouse layout which could facilitate efficient shipment while being unaffected by the changes in shipment size. Our solution also streamlined product flow throughout the distribution chain, and the client was able to ensure optimum capacity in its stores at the least possible costs.

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