Warehouse Optimization | Orchestrating Different Aspects of Multiple Warehouse Locations For a Pharma Major

May 27, 2019

The client is a million-dollar, American pharmaceutical and healthcare logistics service provider that manages multiple specialty drugs and generic over-the-counter drugs under its own private label.

The Business Challenge

As competition within the generic drugs segment rises and existing patents expire, it is becoming increasingly clear that the soaring logistics costs can adversely impact warehouse operations in the long run. Though the basic supply chain structure hasn’t changed much in decades, the pharma industry itself has changed dramatically over the past few years. The increasing complexity, fast-changing markets, and dynamic customer demands have all pushed pharma supply chains to the core of delivering the best customer experiences.

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Such drastic changes have also brought about several challenges that hamper supply chain flexibility and cost-efficiency.  In light of these widespread inefficiencies and ongoing changes, it’s high time for pharma companies to catch up with the industry that it’s serving. In today’s complex business scenario, the components of the pharma supply chain that demand attention include inventory management, warehouse optimization, regulatory compliance, warehouse management, and cost reduction.

Owing to the complex business processes the client faced a multitude of warehouse optimization and distribution challenges that were further complicated by the nature of the drugs that they had on offer. With multiple warehouses spread across North America, they found it challenging to create and fine-tune a flexible warehouse management plan. This success story is a classic example of how our warehouse optimization solutions helped an American pharma major build an innovative warehouse management system to integrate data from disparate sources within the supply chain.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Quantzig collaborated with the pharmaceutical client to devise a robust warehouse management system. By leveraging our analytics expertise we determined that their challenges were mainly due to the use of conventional modeling methods. To tackle their challenges, we recommended a hybrid approach that involved the use of multiple data sets from various operational systems.

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Our warehouse optimization solutions leveraged popular architectures and methodologies to meet the specific needs of our clients. To help the client, we first developed a logical warehouse management framework to support their current as well as future business requirements. The robust warehouse management system has made it easier for our clients to integrate data from several sources by equipping them with advanced data management capabilities.

The warehouse optimization solutions also empowered the client to:

  • Increase efficiency and improve productivity without compromising on regulatory compliance
  • Reduce overhead costs by a whopping 63%

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Top Five Steps to Efficient Warehouse Optimization

warehouse optimization

What is Warehouse Optimization?

The key to systematic warehouses and agile supply chains, revolve around effective planning and optimization of warehouse processes. Warehouse optimization is a holistic approach that helps businesses to save time and resources by improving the flexibility of their processes. Quantzig’s advanced warehouse optimization solutions cover several areas including warehouse design, product flow, storage, and inventory optimization. Also, we can help you optimize your end-to-end supply chain and warehouse processes to beat the competition at every phase.

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