Online Retail Client Enhance Business Performance Using Marketing Mix Optimization

Online Retail Client Enhance Business Performance Using Marketing Mix Optimization

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LONDON: Quantzig, a global analytics services provider, has announced the completion of their latest marketing mix optimization for an online retail client. The increasing usage of mobile devices for shopping and alternative payment methods by shoppers are fueling the growth of online retail space. Amid the recent economic uncertainty, leading organizations are planning to develop competitive strategies to reduce operational costs and further improve their product offerings. Moreover, leading organizations are linking financial and operational plans to track performance and improve their overall business efficiency.

“Marketing mix helps businesses quantify their marketing activity to understand the impact of their marketing campaigns on the business performance. The primary objective of the engagement was to quantify the impact of marketing decisions on the past and the future sales.” says an expert at Quantzig.

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The solution offered helped the online retail client assess the marketing effectiveness and allocate the future spend to improve business efficiency. Furthermore, the solution also helped the client determine the effectiveness of advertising and targeting campaigns across various channels. The online retail client was able to optimize their cost and adjust new initiatives to deliver the business goals better with the help of the solution.


Additional Benefits of the Marketing Mix Solution

  • Identify the actual drivers of performance and segregate it into internal and external factors
  • Gain actionable insights to increase sales, market share, and marketing ROI
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