Merchandising Analytics

Merchandising analytics solutions that offer actionable insights into merchandising operations and category planning to enable retailers work smarter.

How our merchandising analytics services help clients

Merchandising analytics solutions help merchandisers make informed decisions daily, both at strategic and tactical levels. Our solutions help businesses optimize merchandise assortment and store-front layout, track new product performance, optimize markdowns and promotions, and improve margins. Our solutions offer relevant information for strategic planning to improve store performance.

Key benefits we provide

Reduction in Spend due to better Inventory Planning
Increase in Customer Retention
Reduction in Cost of Acquiring New Clients
Growth in Sales
Increase in sales due to improved Merchandize Planning
Improvement in sales Category Planning and Promotions

What do we offer?

Our category analytics solutions will help category managers identify optimal product combinations preferred by customers and optimize their promotional activities that are targeted at customer segments based on their buying behavior.

Solutions we provide

Category Size
Category Growth
Category Association Analysis
Category Optimization

With an experienced team of certified data specialists, QuantZig’s analytics solutions help businesses optimize their in-store operations based on the customers’ buying patterns and enable marketers identify marketing opportunities that will achieve the highest ROI.

Solutions we provide

Store Layout / Heat Map
Traffic Queues and Pattern Analysis
Market Basket Analysis
POS Transaction Analysis
Shelf Space Optimization
Shopper Marketing ROI

Our strategic pricing analytics solutions enable companies to improve their understanding of the effect of pricing decisions and make more informed decisions across the organization, resulting in higher sales and improved profitability.

Solutions we provide

Price Elasticity
Price Setting
Price Testing
Discount Pricing
Price Benchmarking

Introduction to our merchandising analytics case studies


How we Helped a Global Food Retailer Deliver Shopper-centric Pricing

Business Challenge: The client wanted to implement a price optimization solution that would offer a strategic shift towards more consumer-focused dynamic pricing.

Situation: Facing extensive competition from the international and regional competitors, the client needed to improve its pricing strategy, which would help increase the sales volume and improve its profit margin.

Impact: By understanding the client’s business model and pricing strategies, our pricing analytics solutions helped the client make fact-based decisions that aligned with the customer expectations and identify the need for store-level inventories accordingly. This helped the client realize more than 10% increase in sales and also acquire new customers.

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Achieving Significant ROI Improvement for an Established Retail Company Through Category Planning, Store Optimization, and Better Pricing Strategies

Business Challenge: An established multinational retail company needed to increase sales margins while optimizing price points. Moreover, with the evolving customer needs, it was imperative for the client to strategize based on a data-driven analytical approach.

Situation: The client was facing intense competition from international and local supercenters and conventional grocers, which was directly affecting the sales and profit margins of the firm. As a countermeasure, the client was compelled to adopt better solutions for store front optimization and implement better pricing strategies.

Impact: The implementation of our merchandising analytics solutions led to a significant improvement in sales based on appropriate product placements, discounts, and targeted marketing tactics. Also, it helped in structuring better pricing models and identifying customer demands.

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