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Utilize our advanced retail merchandising analytics solutions to drive retail transformation and boost profitability across all channels.

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With the help of advanced retail merchandising analytics solutions, leave legacy technology systems behind and use data-backed insights leading to increased efficiency and merchandising effectiveness. Undertake proactive category management, assortment planning optimization, inventory management, and markdown optimization to create a truly personalized and distinctive omnichannel shopping experience for customers.

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How Does Quantzig Work?

As the retail industry continues to evolve with the integration of merchandising analytics and digital solutions, retailers must stay proactive and quickly fulfill customer needs.

Our Merchandising Analytics Capabilities

Category Management Analysis

Quantzig’s merchandising analytics solutions aim to drive growth at the category level by offering visibility into consumer buying behavior, optimizing assortments, pricing, and promotion strategies, enabling you to uncover new levels of operational excellence in retail merchandising.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Store Front Layout Analysis

Retail storefronts play a crucial role in attracting customers by building the foundation for their experiences with your brand. Create customer-centric store layouts that enhance merchandising operations, space utilization, and deliver a personalized in-store shopping experience, ultimately translating into sales, with the help of Quantzig’s visual merchandising analytics solutions.

FAQs – Merchandising Analytics

What exactly is merchandising analytics?

Changing market dynamics coupled with evolving customer preferences and thinning margins leave no room for error whether you’re a well-established retail chain, brick and mortar store, or a multinational establishment. The inability to respond to market fluctuations quickly is not just another product merchandising challenge; it holds high significance in the omnichannel retail environment, where multiple sales points must align with diverse customer requirements and preferences.

Leveraging advanced merchandising analytics is proven to help retailers overcome these challenges to thrive in an omnichannel retail world. Merchandising analytics enables businesses to drive retail transformation and boost profitability across all channels.

What is the purpose of merchandising analytics?

Merchandising analytics solutions enable organizations to leave legacy technology systems behind and use data-backed insights. This leads to increased efficiency and merchandising effectiveness. Undertake proactive category management, assortment planning optimization, inventory management, and markdown optimization to create a truly personalized and distinctive omnichannel shopping experience for customers.

What are the different types of merchandising?

The different types of merchandising are:

  1. Product Merchandising – All activities undertaken by the retailer to boost sales of a product
  2. Visual Merchandising – All activities undertaken by the retailer to highlight the product and its features
  3. Retail Merchandising – Selling of merchandise in a physical store
  4. Omnichannel merchandising – Creating a unified experience for customers across all platforms where the retailer can interact with the customer
  5. Digital merchandising – Digital merchandising is a term used for retail merchandising done on digital platforms
What is the future of merchandising analytics?

The modern customer is more aware than ever that demands a rich shopping experience that is personalized, engaging, and hyper-connected. New technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, simulation, cloud technology, are revolutionalizing the retail landscape. It is imperative for retailers, to thus, adopt agile technologies for efficient business process optimization.

The future of merchandising analytics is customer-led and retailers need to localize, personalize, and curate their value offerings to keep the customers happy. With modern technologies integrated into processes, merchandisers will be able to make data-driven decisions and engage in high-value activities like personalizing and localizing their offerings, curating assortments, optimizing services, and collaborating with suppliers to procure the best products and lowest possible prices. AI-driven merchandising analytics will also make merchandisers and retailers responsive to changes in markets in real-time.

How do test if merchandising analytics solutions works for my organizations?

Test out Quantzig’s advanced merchandising analytics solutions to solve your complex business challenges at no cost with our 4-week complimentary pilot. This offer bears no hidden clauses and serves as a perfect opportunity to explore our value proposition and gauge organizational synergies.

During the 4-week pilot, you will be working with our advanced analytics experts who leverage the latest advanced analytics and visualization tools and techniques, statistical approaches, and platforms—designed and custom-built to suit your needs to deliver solutions with the power to transform your business.

Why should I choose merchandising data analytics solutions for my business?

Some benefits of merchandising analytics are:

  1. Improved sales efficiency and effectiveness – Merchandising analytics enables gathering and analyzing of important customer data and market products to them at the right time, leading to improved sales output and effectiveness
  2. Targeting the right promotions – Predictive merchandising analytics enables retailers to optimize their product targeting to the right customers, at the right time, with the right messaging
  3. Optimized inventory management – With better forecasting of customer needs, retailers can optimize their inventory levels to reduce overstocking and reduce excess holding costs
  4. More effective advertising strategy – With the help of merchandising analytics, retailers are able to create advertising and marketing strategies to effectively to reach out to and convert prospects that resemble the behaviors of high-value customers
  5. Competitive advantage – Merchandising analytics enables organizations to build and retain a larger customer base while improving their business strategy and streamlining operations

Detailed analysis of multi-channel business data is crucial to enable retailers to deliver on their brand promise. Quantzig’s merchandising analytics solutions were conceptualized and developed with this in mind to help retailers build a future-ready organization by becoming more agile, digitally enabled, and rooted in advanced analytics.

 Our retail merchandising analytics solutions are robust, scalable, and data-backed, providing in-depth insights needed to make crucial merchandising decisions and address real-time business requirements.

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