Store Front Layout Analysis

Optimize your store layout, improve merchandising, and enhance promotional offers using advanced analytics powered solutions.

Retailers today face unprecedented challenges due to shifting market dynamics and technology evolution. As a result, driving profitable growth has become a major concern, compelling global retailers to innovate to capture customer attention, remain viable, and drive sales. On the front line of market change, retailers believe that end-to-end transformation is key to success in the race for relevance. And to thrive amid this background, retailers must rethink their business models and digitally transform while addressing their sales and costs challenges. One way to do this is to redesign digital and physical store layouts to capture the attention of consumers.

Quantzig’s offers advanced store front layout analysis frameworks that help retailers build a store layout that drives traffic, improves average transaction value, and maximizes conversions. The insights obtained can also enable retailers to create improved customer-centric floor plans that enhance merchandising operations, space utilization, and deliver a relevant in-store shopping experience, ultimately translating into sales.

Core Capabilities

Footfall Pattern Analysis

Optimizing in-store traffic and customer experience has always been a central focus area of all in-store marketing campaigns. Irrespective of the type of retail store you operate, footfall data can provide priceless insights on visitors, revealing their interests and what they tend to ignore in your store or facility. To access these insights and achieve long-term goals, retailers must adopt innovative ways to understand their customers’ behavior.

Store front layout analysis enables retailers to integrate footfall data with other information, including demographics, shopping behavior, and interest zones, to improve their marketing strategy and store performance. The insights obtained can be leveraged to develop new floor plans, better understand your customer base, calculate conversion rate and occupancy, and identify areas that need growth.

Market Basket Analysis

Unrelenting margin pressures resulting from high competition necessitates business leaders to think more proactively and identify factors that influence customer buying preferences and behaviors. Analyzing transaction datasets to determine product affinities and detect changes in basket composition, size, and value can unravel new insights into customer buying behavior.

At Quantzig, we work side by side with our clients to create strategic solutions that help them say ahead of the curve. One such attempt helped us create a robust market basket analysis framework that uses advanced store front layout analysis and data modeling techniques to demystify data to uncover associations between the products purchased by their customers, analyze channel-wise responsiveness, and identify products most amenable to promotion.

Point of Sale Data Analysis

Most challenges that retailers face today involve retail point of sale data analysis and fierce competition from their digital contenders. However, research suggests that traditional stores will continue to contribute the maximum revenue for global retailers for the foreseeable future. As a result, price, quality, and convenience are now simply table stakes, and meeting the increasingly empowered consumers’ needs is becoming ever more complex, requiring a bolder move to captivate consumer sentiments, minds, and wallets.

Quantzig offers advanced retail analytics solutions that integrate point-of-sale data from transaction logs and master data management platforms to offer a holistic view of POS transactions while continuously monitoring end-to-end transactions.

Retail Shelf Space Optimization

To thrive in today’s highly dynamic environment marked with growing customer touchpoints, retailers must adopt a multifaceted approach to curate personalized customer experiences and products. This calls for a repetitive, in-depth analysis of retail data sets to identify critical factors that influence sales. Quantzig aims to eliminate this redundancy by equipping retailers with smarter insights to make business decisions with confidence.

We harness the power of store front layout analysis to enable retailers to hyper-localize and optimize their shelf space and pricing strategies with greater speed and precision in decision-making. We also help businesses determine the optimal store layout and shelf configuration that drives sales and conversions while accounting for space-elasticity and space optimization issues.

Shopper Marketing ROI Analysis

Justifying marketing budgets by quantifying the ROI of marketing programs, evaluating scenarios, and improving customer collaboration is crucial for better decision-making. Quantzig’s store front layout analysis framework is customized for shopper marketing ROI and alternative scenario evaluation.

Overall, our suite of advanced retail analytics solutions aims to provide retailers with critical insights required to create compelling campaigns that deliver powerful results.  As such, the opportunity to build stronger customer relationships is truly endless. Our robust data reporting and dashboarding capabilities coupled with store front layout analysis also enable clients to understand the target audience by turning data into shopper insights that maximize marketing effectiveness, eventually driving ROI and business growth.

There’s no doubt that the first impression a brand creates goes a long way in building long-lasting customer relationships, and for retail businesses, the storefront often represents that critical first point of contact.

At Quantzig, we believe the key to attracting customers is to create a brand impression that beckons shoppers with deals or creates an unforgettable impression that triggers a future visit. We draw on unparalleled industry expertise, strategic insights, and advanced retail analytics to address these requirements and deliver continuous retail improvements through store front layout analysis.

Incorporating data into their decision-making process is crucial for retailers to thrive in the modern business era. However, switching to a data-driven business model and learning how to gather intel could take some work. But when you master it, the knowledge and insights you gain will make it all worthwhile.

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