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Innovative analytics-based real world evidence solutions to help healthcare & life sciences companies optimize clinical trials for commercial success


Analyze, integrate, and utilize real world data to gain critical insights into treatment patterns and ways to improve patient care

The dynamic healthcare and pharma landscape has prompted business leaders to understand the changing regulations and medical reimbursement policies in this sector. Healthcare organizations are looking to leverage analytical solutions to interpret data from patient records, clinical trials, and drug discovery, and treatment outcomes to get a better understanding of disease progression patterns, resource usage, treatment pathways, and the factors that determine the outcome.

Real world evidence analytics or RWE, along with the data acquired from clinical trials, can provide a true picture of what is actually happening among patients. This data can be used to build a better and more complete understanding of the diseases and their patterns, improving healthcare outcomes. Quantzig has the data analytics expertise and technology to help you identify the right development paths- those that deliver the most value with the optimal balance of risk, speed, and efficiency. Through interactive sessions, our real world evidence analytics experts work with your team toward bringing real-world and commercial insights into your clinical development planning process, so you can make well-informed, confident business decisions.

Gain unprecedented insights from electronic health records and articulate the value of your products

Quantzig’s real world evidence based solutions provide comprehensive insights on treatment pathways, patient adherence, disease progression, pricing levels and market access, drug safety, and patient engagement. Our detailed analysis can help healthcare companies evaluate their ROI and develop new strategies to market products in niche markets.

Our real world evidence analytics solutions are specifically designed to help healthcare organizations evaluate the drug treatment efficacy and cost-effectiveness of therapies to complement clinical trial outcomes using data sources such as claims history, electronic medical records, patient demographics, social media information, etc.

Gain a holistic view of the patient journey and analyze treatment pathways using real world evidence analytics

The proliferation of real world data (RWD) held in electronic health records, disease registries, genomic datasets, social media sites, and wearables is providing a view into the realities of patient care. For pharmaceutical companies, it is providing ground-breaking insights on treatment outcomes and gaps in therapy that is spurring new drug developments.

Our real world evidence analytics experts collaborate with your subject matter experts to deliver a unique, intelligent real world evidence strategy for increased clinical research efficiency and targeted plans that can enhance your value and provide compelling evidence for stakeholder engagement. From interactive evidence planning and strategy creation to implementation of innovative technology and RWD solutions, we ensure that you are on the right path to commercial success, equipped with the right RWD assets to generate impactful evidence.

Solution Portfolio – Real World Evidence Analytics

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    Patient Engagement

    We help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to optimize patient care systems and drug delivery methods through patient engagement solutions. Our team of experts offers effective strategies to improve healthcare decision-making and design initiatives to promote superior services.

    • Bridge the gap between technology and end-users to optimize patient empowerment and initiate proper engagement services using real world evidence analytics
    • Implement innovative communication methods to create better experiences
    • Prioritize orchestrated engagement amongst the many stakeholders influencing patients and build robust data warehouses to power omnichannel frameworks and enable predictive analytics

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    Patient Journey Analytics

    Our patient journey analysis solutions help examine the clinical and non-clinical procedures associated with patient care and delivers strategic insights to improve diagnostic and treatment processes. We also design strategies that help commercialize new drug applications and upgrade post-launch sales and marketing tactics.

    • Leverage real world evidence analytics to understand how patients navigate and experience the health care system
    • Observe and analyze the patient encounter at each stage, from symptom diagnosis to disease progression, treatment, and resolution
    • Our real world evidence analytics solutions adopt a mixed-method approach that brings qualitative and quantitative methods to offers comprehensive insights on patient journeys

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    Physician Journey Analysis

    Quantzig’s team of experts analyze data collected from physicians’ records to improve drug development and initiate preventive measures. We analyze information collected from treatment history, referrals, and lab tests to provide insights into the range of therapeutics and drugs available in the market.

    • Our real world evidence analytics solutions help companies assess the touchpoints to improve patient care and offer high-quality disease management solutionsM
    • Develop impactful pharma marketing and communications strategies by adopting a more holistic approach to physician journey mappingM
    • Learn how real world evidence analytics can help improve physician engagement rates by analyzing the touchpoints that matter most to them

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Why choose Quantzig as your next real world evidence analytics partner?

Domain knowledge and learning-driven mindset

Quantzig is among the world’s fastest-growing real world evidence analytics companies, committed to offering cutting-edge real world evidence analytics solutions to help organizations institutionalize data-driven decision making and tackle complex healthcare challenges.

Agile, robust, and cutting-edge real world data analytics models

Our real world evidence analytics team leverages the latest statistical approaches and platforms and delivers it to you through an agile approach that’ll help you accelerate your journey from data to decisions.

Flexible white box solutions

The advanced real world evidence analytics solutions developed by Quantzig are flexible enough to accommodate the evolution of the solution through dynamic changes in your business.

Cross-domain pollination

We use the latest approaches and leverage advanced real world evidence analytics across fields such as statistics, operations research, and systems thinking and cross-pollinate the solutions across industries.

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